What Makes Anushka Sharmas Performance In Sultan So Special

CRB Tech reviews reveals this fact about Anushka Sharma doing her own stunts in Sultan.
The trailer of upcoming Bollywood film ‘Sultan’ is as of now going viral on the Internet. Particularly, with Salman Khan’s all new wrestler look, it has left the silver screen lovers need for more. Be that as it may, what astonished us the most is Anushka Sharma’s transformation into a wrestler as she is playing a lady kushti player from Haryana.
With this motion picture, Anushka certainly breaks the jinx of lean young ladies entering the universe of wrestling.
You will be stunned to realize that the 28-year-old actress picked to do the stunts herself in ‘Sultan’. This is surely what will make her performance special in Sultan.
As per a report seen in TOI, she had said and we quote ”Earlier, I was very scared as I don’t look like a wrestler. We have a perception that wrestlers are of a particular size. I used to often question producer Aditya Chopra how can this happen (looking like a wrestler). But when I did some research I found out that there were people internationally who looked like me.”
We as a whole know at this point that Salman Khan is investigating every possibility for his next film, “Sultan” which depicts him to be a wrestler on screen for the first time in his 25-year-old vocation. The performing artist, who turned 50 a year ago, is at the peak of fitness and this new selective still from “Sultan” is a confirmation to the reality. The still is nothing less than a visual treat for all Salman fans as the whiz is seen bare bodied with a rope over his shoulders and the macho Khan is seen pulling a street roller with his shoulders. What more to ask for. After many days a shirtless Salman Khan.
Salman Khan starrer “Sultan” is a standout amongst the most foreseen motion pictures of 2016. What’s more, the as of late released movie stills have soared our desires from the film. While Salman keeps us dribbling on his physical make-up that he has worked for the character, Anushka has further amazed us with her wrestling avatar. Furthermore, the most recent still that has left us shocked, is the one where Salman is racing against a train. After Aamir Khan was seen dashing against a nearby train in “Ghulam,” the ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ actor is seen hustling against a vintage locomotive.
These alluring stills from “Sultan” are unquestionably the reason we are eager to watch this motion picture.
CRB Tech reviews would continue to bring to you, more updates on this movie.

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