Watch Alden and Maine Play An Intense Foosball Match !

CRB Tech reviews came across a video of Alden and Maine playing a game. 
Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza play Table-Top Football also called as foosball, guess who wins? in an amicable match, in the middle of takes Alden and Maine play Table-Top Football.. 
Watch Maine’s triumph move at last.. so charming!

Both of them can be seen enjoying themselves while playing the indoor game. They were caught playing during the lunch interval.
Meanwhile, since the AlDub phenomenon attacked social media, they weren’t just all the rage; they were perceived worldwide also. 
The Asian Television Awards got the force and was sufficiently fortunate to secure a select meeting with the Philippines’ own special Alden Richards.
“Actingan lang ‘to, uy!” These well known expressions of Lola Nidora in Eat Bulaga’s kalye-serye don’t remain constant any longer as Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza commend their 44th weeksary far from the cameras of the early afternoon appear. The two took significant time from their film shoot in Italy to enjoy quality time with each other. In a photograph that Alden posted, the small scale celebration included a lovely pink rose, wine and a dynamite view of the Italian coast.
Moreover, rather than a welcome to Maine’s character Divina, Alden tagged Maine’s Twitter handle.
Bits of gossip have been coursing online that Kapatid actress Jasmine Curtis was threw to be a piece of the enormous solo film of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza. Right now, the Eat Bulaga couple is occupied with shooting their film in Italy. Entertainment columnist Nitz Miralles likewise composed an element about Jasmine joining the AlDub motion picture.
Still, there’s no official affirmation with respect to APT Entertainment, GMA Films or Direk Mike Tuviera about the last cast of the AlDub film which has a working title, Imagine You and Me. Jasmine is the more youthful sister of Kapamilya TV host/performing artist Anne Curtis. She is presently in an association with surfer Jeff Ortega whose relatives are a piece of a persuasive political tradition.
Both of them seem to have a ball in Italy. Apart from the film’s shooting, they are roaming around in chilling cold when Alden lend his jacket to Maine. After a few days, they are seen playing the game of foosball. Then they also celebrate their weeksary with a small and cozy party.
Hope to hear some more interesting happenings in Italy from the star couple. CRB Tech reviews wishes them a gala time in Italy. 

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