U.S. Attacks Afghanistan With The Biggest Bomb Ever!

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The 'Mother of All Bombs'

The United States dropped the “mother of all bombs” MOAB— the most destructive traditional bomb in the American arms stockpile — on an ISIS cave complex in Afghanistan on Thursday, the Pentagon stated, unleashing a weapon so enormous that it required to be dropped from the back of a cargo plane! Just imagine!!!!

The Pentagon declared no casualty count for the bombing, part of a special air mission against the militants hidden in Afghanistan. However, in a different declaration, the Pentagon said that an airstrike in Syria by the American-led alliance battling the ISIS there had executed 18 Syrian fighters aligned with the United States, raising worries about whether the White House is applying any thoroughness to the way towards supporting airstrikes in hot zones from Afghanistan to Syria.


American commanders in Iraq and Syria have been given greater power to call in strikes, a loosening of the reins that started in the previous month when Obama was in the office. In any case, some national security specialists said that Mr. Trump and the Pentagon gambled inflaming hostile to American sentiment in the Muslim world with their way to deal with battling the IS.

Thursday’s attack in Afghanistan — utilizing a 20,000-pound bomb that costed $16 million, and more than $300 million to manufacture — hit an underground complex in the Achin region of Nangarhar Province, as indicated by a statement from the United States military in Afghanistan. The announcement did not state what number of militants were murdered, or whether the besieging brought about any civilian setbacks.

The weapon is so big to the point that, while the cargo plane is flying mid-air the bomb takes off of the back on a pallet, pulled by a drogue parachute. It is intended to destruct burrows and other underground structures, and its impact span is evaluated to extend a mile towards each direction.


American authorities have ascribed the rising number of strikes and the expanded risk to common people to the fact that the battle is moving to the thickly populated urban war zones of Mosul and Raqqa, the IS’s self-announced capital in Syria. They say they attempt to keep away from non military personnel losses, while the militants purposely kill any individual who stands against them.

While the destruction from the shelling, which happened during the evening in a remote zone, was vague, the strike rapidly brought about a backlash. Hamid Karzai, Afghanistan’s previous president, was among the individuals who condemned it.

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