Top 5 Bollywood Celebs and Their Candid Moments With Their Moms !

Yesterday was celebrated as the “Mother’s Day” across the globe. Much the same as all of us, Bollywood celebs took to their online networking profiles to share some of the cutest recollections from their youth days to pay a tribute to their moms. From nostalgic posts on some dejavu pictures, here are 5 celebs sharing sweet memories with their fans. CRB Tech reviews would recommend, you take a look at it:


1. Priyanka Chopra:


Our very own Priyanka Chopra took to her Twitter account to impart an old photo of hers alongside her mom Madhu Chopra accompanying an endearing message. She stated, “I aspire to be even little like her @chopramm5 happy Mother’s Day to all moms and maybe and should be and I want to b n soon to be moms..” along side her picture. Such a sweet gesture from this Bollywood beauty.

2. Farhan Akhtar with Zoya Akhtar:


Farhan Akhtar uploaded a photo with mother Honey Irani and captioned the fact that such a large amount of a mother time is committed to her babies, that she could have, intentionally or unwittingly, set aside a few dreams or objectives she had for herself. Today, inquire as to whether there is any such unfulfilled dream and assuming this is the case, go full support for her to accomplish it. Like she has you through your life. Happy Mothers Day is what he wished at the end of his message.


His sister Zoya too uploaded a snap of her mom holding little Zoya in her arms. She captioned,

“Happy Mommy’s Day #❤️#onemonthold #stillbeingheld#thankyouforeverything (sic).”

3. Shraddha Kapoor:


Half-Girlfriend lead actress shared a delightful picture of her and mummy Shivangi and stated that her mom is her best friend. She also added by saying “my wind beneath my wings”. She also stated her mom being everything for her. She adores her mom more than words can express. She also thanks her mom for being there. Finally, she wishes everyone a Happy Mother’s Day.

4. Deepika Padukone:


DP shared a delightful picture from her adolescence days. In the photo, her mom can be seen grabbing baby Deepika covered in a towel. She captioned the photo by saying, “Love you Maa #MothersDayEveryday.”

5. Bipasha Basu:


This Bengali siren thanked her mom for everything. She gave the credit of everything she is, to her mom. She wishes all the wonderful mothers in the world a Happy Mother’s day.

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