Top 10 Thanksgiving Facts You Need To Know !

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1. The American Vehicle Organization reports that up-wards of 42.2 million Americans journey 50 kilometers or more from home over the Thanks giving vacation each year.

2. Minnesota is the top turkey-producing state in America. Six states—Minnesota, North Carolina, Arkansas, Missouri, Virginia and Indiana—account for nearly two-thirds of the 248 thousand turkeys that will be brought up in the U.S. this year.

3. Although there is a lot of food at many Thanksgiving vacation festivities, dinner in large quantities decreases the price. The cost of the average Thanksgiving vacation supper for 10 people is around $50. At only $5 per person, this is something else to be grateful for.


4. Every Chief executive since Lincoln subsequently announced Thanksgiving vacation Day. But in 1939, 1940, and 1941 Franklin D. Roosevelt announced Thanksgiving vacation the third Friday in Nov to elongate the vacation purchasing year. Given that this is no longer the case, it’s pretty sure that this did not go over well.

5. 91% of Americans eat turkey on Thanksgiving vacation day…and if you’re anything like my family, eat remaining Turkey a couple of days following as well!

6. About 280 million turkeys can be bought yearly for Thanksgiving vacation which is about 7 BILLION pounds of Turkey and roughly $3 billion price of sales.

7. The First Thanksgiving vacation survived for three days…and we believed one day was a lot of meals.

8. Since John Truman, every president has understood a turkey for Thanksgiving vacation. (There was a fun cartoon film about this even!)

9. The Pilgrims likely ate corn instead of cranberries.

If you want to eat what the Pilgrims and Wampanoag ate in the 1600’s, put venison, corn and oysters on your Thanksgiving vacation selection. The venison was offered from the Wampanoag who, like every excellent Thanksgiving vacation visitor ever since, introduced a participation to the feast—in this situation, five deer.

Turkey may also have been on the desk, but compared with today, it was not the focal point of your food. Bradford creates in his Publication that there was a “great shop of untamed turkey” as well as other chicken at plenty of time of the First Thanksgiving vacation. Beginning British residents also ate goose, other poultry, swan, motorised hoist, gulls and even large eagle.


Cranberries increased crazy in New Britain, but if an inquisitive Pilgrim had selected and consumed one, he would not have wished to eat a second. Cranberries are really sour and need sweetening to be tasty. Since sugar was costly in Britain, it’s unlikely the Pilgrims had introduced any with them on the Mayflower.

10. Football easily became a main aspect of the vacation.

The modern-day Christmas started in 1863 when Abraham Lincoln subsequently announced a day of nationwide Thanksgiving visit to the middle of the Municipal War. Every following President has followed Lincoln’s example.

Thanksgiving Day soccer activities are almost as old as the vacation itself. The first Thanksgiving vacation Day soccer activity happened in the mid-1870s, when New york performed Yale in Hoboken, N.J. The Princeton-Yale activity was a driver for the production of a well-known viewers for Thanksgiving vacation Day soccer, and by the 1890s there were a large number of activities being performed across the nation.

As Thanksgiving vacation soccer high temperature taken the nation, many concerned that “King Football” had changed members of the family and appreciation as the real significance of the day. The Chicago, Tribune talked for many when, in 1896, it requested whether there was too much soccer and too little thanksgiving on the vacation.

One aspect of the vacation that has remained the same over the hundreds of years is appreciation. On it all Friday of Nov, People in america of all spiritual beliefs, and of none, stop to provide thanks.

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