Salman Khan Lends His Voice To This Animated Film!

Guess which is the animated film to have gotten the voice of Bollywood superstar Salman Khan. Well, don’t burden your brain too much as CRB Tech reviews is going to tell you about the same.


In the wake of playing a bhakt of Lord Hanuman in his super-hit cross-border film Bajrangi Bhaijaan, star Salman Khan has given his voice for the animated film Hanuman Da Damdaar. The trailer is out now and it has without a question given a funny Bollywood touch to this animation film, because of Bhai’s discoursed like ‘Ek baar jo mene commitment kar di’, ‘Hata saawan ki ghata, what about my katha?’. That is to say, would you be able to envision Lord Hanuman saying the majority of that?

Different Bollywood stars who have given their voice to the various characters include names like Javed Akhtar as Rishi Valmiki, Raveena Tandon as Hanuman’s Mother, Makarand Deshpande as Vishrava, Kunal Kemmu is the voice of Devraj Indra and Vinay Pathak is the voice of Popat Sharma.


Veteran actor and lyricist Javed Akhtar has lent their voice-over to the film’s character Valmiki. “The era in which the story is set… it needed to have somebody who would narrate the story. There wasn’t much composed and archived then. Individuals went around recounting stories and passed it on to the next generations.

This trailer is truly fun and engaging. Salman has given voice to the adult Hanuman, however the film is more on his youthful days.


Watch the trailer of the film over here.

Booked to release on May 19, the film portrays the story more on Hanuman’s more youthful adaptation. It starts at a point much before he meets Lord Ram — a period when he was unaware of his strength, determination, and purpose in life.

Here is what the film director Ruchi Narain had to say- “It was while working out the release calendar that we realized that our first look launch was coinciding with Hanuman Jayanti. With this kind of blessing, we’re sure this summer will be truly damdaar.”

The children in one voice reverberated Salman Khan as the most appropriate and cherished voice for Hanuman. Post that, the animation and direction team composed the character and a couple of patent dialogues of Salman, in sync with the narrative of Lord Hanuman.

The film is directed by Ruchi Narain, and it is supported by Percept Pictures.

CRB Tech reviews hopes that the kids would love the film, and make it a hit !

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