RIP Veenu Paliwal: Achievements Of This Biker Lady From Jaipur

Veenu was on an across the country tour on her Harley Davidson while the accident occurred. Her bike slid off close to a street in Gyaraspur, near to a little region in Bhopal. In spite of the fact that she was wearing security head gears, she succumbed to the wounds and was proclaimed dead subsequent to being taken to the hospital. Another biker, Dipesh Tanwar had also accompanied her for the nationwide tour.


Here are some feathers in her cap:

The woman who was known to drive Harley Davidson at 180km/hr had numerous dreams and yearnings.

The adventure till here wasn’t simple. She needed to battle preferences and social standards which didn’t acknowledge her as a biker.

She wished to make a documentary on her motorbike rides the nation over.

She was also named as the Lady Of Harley, 2016.

She wanted to ride motorbikes since her school days. When she got hitched, her spouse didn’t allow her to ride bikes and make a profession out of it. She separated him and kept tailing her enthusiasm.

The hospital authority will conduct a post-mortem today. “Her family and friends in Jaipur, Indore and Mumbai have been informed. Some of them have already reached,” a police official was quoted as saying.

“Her family and friends in Jaipur, Indore and Mumbai have been informed. Some of them have already reached,” police said.

An after death will be directed on Tuesday morning.

Paliwal figured out how to ride in school, from companions. She couldn’t keep riding, however, on the grounds that she didn’t have her own bicycle. She later wedded a man who wouldn’t let her ride.

After separation, a year ago was the second happening to the mother of two. Paliwal left Lucknow early on Monday and was headed for Bhopal when the mishap took place. She was wearing protective gear.

“My divorce came through and I settled back into my life. I wanted to do something for myself. So I bought a Harley and, with my children away at college, every weekend is now spent riding to Delhi or to places around Jaipur,” she said.

“Biking has also taught me about road safety,” she said.

“In a car, there’s a sense of security and you tend to take more risks as a result. On the bike, you have no buffer, so all your senses are alert. Biking makes you look at things, even road safety, from a different perspective.”

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