OMG! Companies Declare Closed Holiday On Rajini’s ‘Kabali’ Release Day

CRB Tech reviews has a news for you that is related to Rajinikanth’s soon to release movie Kabali.
Rajnikanth is more than only a superstar. The man is a clique. He doesn’t have fans; he has adherents. With his new motion picture, “Kabali” all set to release on July 22, it is being expected that a considerable measure of office-goers are going to ‘fall ill’ on Friday and go to watch the first day first show on the release day.
Therefore, companies in Chennai have formulated the most ideal approach to dodge these fake sick leaves—announce an official holiday. Opus, an auxiliary solutions start-up, is one organization that has announced a holiday for its employees to “evade sick leaves, mobile turn-offs and mass bunks.” What’s more, the company is likewise going to mastermind the motion picture tickets for its 48 employees!
The unfortunate number of people that is not getting leave from work to watch the movie is investigating every possibility to watch dear thalaiva’s film. Some have even begun an appeal to ask for the Tamil Nadu government to announce an official off on Friday.
The petition says: “We humbly request our CM Jayalalithaa to declare Friday as a public holiday, which will enable people to watch the movie in comfort, without the hassle of taking leave.”
The film, be that as it may, has been leaked on the Internet falling prey to piracy. Officials have been told to remove every single unapproved link. The free tickets being given by organizations are additionally a push to debilitate piracy. 
What is all of a sudden transpiring the bosses on the planet?! Some time back we let you know about this UK-based firm that gave its employees half day leave on each Monday to watch the most recent ‘Game of Thrones‘ episode. What’s more, as of late, it was Dan Price, CEO of Gravity Payments, who raised the base pay of his workers to $70,000!
Another start-up, Fyndus, is likewise giving its employees motivation to be glad. Vinoth Sudaroli, VP, India Operations of Fyndus, told TOI, We would not like to get a heap of leave applications from our employees and subsequently we have pronounced a holiday on Friday.
This is probably for the first time in the history of cinema in India, that such a thing has happened. No wonder that it has happened in case of a Rajinikanth movie !
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