Meher Malik Viral Belly Dancing video on DDLJ Songs

CRB Tech Reviews bring the mind blowing Belly dance presentation of flawless and super-flexible Meher Malik, highly trending over youtube.
In the video, Meher Malik, and Eshan Hilal from Banjara School of Dance, who are moving to the melody, are executing it with their moves. They are both similarly great with their appearances and their moving. Keeping in mind the tune plays out of sight, the flawlessness with which the couple adjusts their midsection moves with the beats is something you have to look out for. 
Mind you, they aren’t simply moving, they are hip twirling on the delicate, sentimental number and they are breathtaking. 
Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge is a standout amongst the most sentimental Bollywood motion pictures the business has ever created. It helps us to remember the adoration and energy amongst Simran and Raj, the extraordinary areas in Europe and, obviously, the evergreen, musical tunes that strum your enthusiastic heartstrings. 


What’s more, exactly when we thought we had seen everything about DDLJ, right from its off camera to the cast’s meetings and its erased scenes, and knew every one of its exchanges by heart, this video of a couple moving to the motion picture’s most sentimental track ‘Tujhe Dekha Toh Yeh Jaana Sanam‘, surfaced on online networking. 
Meher Malik and her partner from the song, both belong from Banjara School of Dance.
Meher Malik is pleased to exhibit the Banjara School of Dance, an initiative to unite distinctive artists from various styles and cultures of dance. Banjara is not just a dance organization but rather a dwelling where arts reside. A place where diverse minds,bodies, and souls  meet to make higher and more noteworthy Cultures odd dancing skill in this nation. 

Belly dance performing artist Meher Malik, who rocked the little screen with her attractive moves in a dance reality show, talks about how hip twirling is no more thought to be ribald, and why she wouldn’t like to work in Tollywood. 

“I’m not going to differ with the way that hip twirling was viewed like mujra…The story of hip twirling is fundamentally the same as that of Kathak,which started as a narrating move frame at first. Incidentally, it came to be known as a prostitute’s move and afterward once more, today, it’s known as an established dancing culture. Same is the situation with hip twirling.”

Indians are gradually warming up to this dancing culture. At the point when the pattern of hip twirling initially began, somewhere in the range of seven years back, individuals had a few reservations. They thought – In what capacity would I be able to permit my better half or little girl to learn it?’ But today, the same individuals are urging them to move into the same dancing culture. It’s no more termed “indecent” in the event that you perform hip twirling at a school fest. On the off chance of anything, it’s termed ‘cool’! Indeed, even men have begun to take a loving towards it. 
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