Mannequin Challenge Is The Latest To Grip Bollywood

CRB Tech reviews came across this latest thing to have gripped Bollywood, and it is called the Mannequin Challenge. Exited to know about it? What is this new thing to have made Bollywood go mad? Patience! We are going to tell you about the same.


Move over the flash mob dance, ice bucket challenge or pilling 100 layers on your body. Here is another one the web is going insane over-the Mannequin Challenge. Begun by the high school students in USA, the test obliges members to freeze during mid-action, while somebody shoots it all.


The Mannequin Challenge has picked steam now and sports fans to actors, all are losing it in this fun filled activity. The social media loving Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez was the first to bring it on with her colleagues. Sonakshi Sinha and John Abraham additionally responded to the call, while promoting their film Force 2 in Dubai.

As the name suggests, the challenge comprises of a huge, flash mob esque gathering to stand totally still for a moment time somebody films this whole scene, winding the camera through the entire area. So the thought is to stand unmoving simply like a, well, mannequin. “Are there any rules to this challenge?” you may ask. No official rules, with the exception of, obviously, everybody in the frame ought to be completely still.

The present way of life we lead obliges us to continually be on our toes and have a competitive streak to come out as a victor. Everybody is so bustling running their day-day errands that we seldom get an ideal opportunity to hit the interruption button and unwind. Possibly that is the motivation behind the most recent pattern which is becoming famous online on the web: the #MannequinChallenge.

Hillary Clinton: Before the US presidential election results were out, in a bid to charm voters, she and her campaign group, sportingly, participated in the viral trend and shared the video on her Twitter page with the inscription ‘Don’t stand still. Vote today.

All things considered, it’s not at all like the Ice Bucket Challenge, which was for a noble reason, however it would seem that a ton of fun. Everybody from Hillary Clinton to Cristiano Ronaldo-CR7 and even Beyoncé are responding to the call and posting recordings via social media.

Want to see more Bollywood stars give this a shot.

CRB Tech reviews wonders as to who will turn out to be the winner.

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