Look Out: This Sachin Tendulkar and Sonu Nigam Click Is Creating Waves!

CRB Tech reviews came across this unique picture of Sonu Nigam and Sachin Tendulkar that is creating waves over the web. Is it a new show in the making? Have they turned into judges? Well, lets get into the details of the same….


There has been quite a while that a photo is doing the rounds on social media where people aren’t easily able to perceive who the big names are there in the photo. Cricket is one of those sports which is enjoyed in India and Bollywood is absolutely a vital element of Indian LIVES.

The riddle has at long last come to an end and one of them being from the game of cricket while other been unmistakable individual from Bollywood music industry. In the said picture we can see that taller man on the right is famous playback vocalist Sonu Nigam, and the other man to one side with wavy hair is none other than God of Cricket, Sachin Tendulkar. Yes, you read it, isn’t that so?

One question which still be pondering what are these two stalwarts doing sharing screen space and have they changed their occupation as in the photo we can see that Sonu Nigam is holding the bat, while Sachin Tendulkar is good to go to warble a tune while holding that mike? The genuine purpose for this role reversal is as yet not known. According to sources it may be for a promo video for his up coming film, Sachin: A Billion Dreams which is good to go to release soon. Only a guess, similar to what we are doing about this pic of theirs.

sachin tendulkar

Considerably, even master blaster took to social media and was cited saying that Sonu Nigam being a piece of the scenario, accordingly affirming everyone’s questions and doubts.

While the god of cricket has now hung up his shoes, this one time prominent singer of Bollywood is now seen judging musical shows. Not that he has completely gone into hibernation due to shortage of projects. If the picture holds true, then fans will definitely be eager to see these two stalwarts together. Only time will tell what these two guys are upto.

We need to have some patience and relish this photo as of now. CRB Tech reviews believes that the Sachin biopic is expected to be a special treat for his fans the world over !!!

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