Irrfan Khan and AIB Again Join Hands For Something Hilariously ‘Dank’

CRB Tech reviews would like to share with you something interesting it came across. It is related to AIB and Irrfan Khan joining hands again. But why are they collaborating again? Get to know as we furnish the details over here.

irfan khan dank

Subsequent to making a hilarious video on Party Songs in Bollywood along with Irrfan Khan, AIB is back with another interesting video with Irrfan Khan. This time one of India’s finest craftsmen is creating memes highlighting himself, keeping in mind the end goal to connect with the young. The video titled Dank Irrfan, takes the idea of memes a bit nearer to Bollywood, bringing about some virtuoso and post-commendable stuff.

Irrfan is preparing for the arrival of his film Hindi Medium and so as to make another viral video, approaches the group of AIB. The mockery stacked interaction winds up with Irrfan wearing the characters of different prominent dank memes and making a few of his own. Like..

When Hollywood filmmakers come to Irrfan with lot’s of money:

irfan dank 3

‘Best Irrfan’ is the one as Drake.

irfan dank 2

The ‘Bik Gyi Hai Industry’ one:

irfan dank 1

This light hearted, romance story takes after a youthful couple – Raj and Mita – who live in Chandni Chowk, Delhi, with goals to move into English-talking society for their girl’s better future. The film follows their hardships on this adventure, and the effect it has on their relationship on their family.


It was way back in 2015 when the very super cool Irrfan Khan grooved to the Party Anthem by AIB and turned into an instant viral star! The youngsters loved and the video turned into an immense hit with melody lyrics taking a dig on the different party tunes in Bollywood which utilize the buzzwords and still figure out how to inspire each time.

Irrefutably the awesome coming back of AIB and Irrfan Khan are back once more, this time for something more meatier to come. AIB, which has been dependably been innovative with their video content concocted this stunning thought of utilizing Irrfan’s splendid acting potential to create memes which have circulated around the web in the recent few days. As expected, it has once again become a super duper combo. People are very likely going to love it this time as well.

Indeed, trust Irrfan to make even the most moronic thoughts work superbly and for the rest, we have AIB to make it viral-commendable.

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