Happy Birthday Sunny Leone: This Lady Gives A Damn About People’s Opinions!

CRB Tech reviews would like to wish Sunny Leone a very happy birthday. Here is a blog dedicated to this beauty who has made it big in Bollywood.


Sunny Leone is somebody who has been unremittingly trolled and overlooked by her Bollywood counterparts in her starting years over here. She was additionally judged for being a former porn star, including a belittling interview she took care of with grace and a twinkle in her eyes. Regardless of numerous efforts of the glamourous world to force her down, she didn’t surrender. Salute to her spirit!



E.g. the off late controversy where Ram Gopal Varma passed an obtuse remark, “I wish every woman gives a man same happiness like Sunny Leone gives.” Sunny without blowing the issue out of proportion and without taking the director’s name stated, “Choose your words wisely.” Her well thought words did the trick and there came an apology from RGV for his “unintended insensitive” remark.



This is only a solitary occasion where Sunny won our hearts with her subtle answer and her fighter mentality. There have been numerous others where the actress demonstrated that the negative comments from her haters doesn’t influence her. On different occasions, she has said she effectively utilizes the ‘block button’ in her life as the ex-Bigg Boss contestant does not have any desire to attempt her hands on changing the cliché perceptions about her in the film business.



She’s ringing in her birthday with her better half, Daniel Weber, in Los Angeles. The actress is very dissimilar to other Bollywood stars who celebrate their birthday parties with ceremony and big parties.

Birthday girl Sunny Leone feels blessed for her upbeat adolescence, teen life memories, adoring parents and a spouse she considers to be her genuine endowment of life. She’s thankful for her Bollywood achievements too obviously.



A lot of hard work is involved in her name and fame in Bollywood. Now she is well settled over here and is now a mainstream actress. Her journey is truly inspirational for everybody who wants to make it big in Bollywood.

As Bollywood’s Laila Sunny Leone rings in her 36th birthday celebration today, we are bringing to you a list of the best quotes from her many interviews. We are certain, like us, even you will experience love for the Baby Doll of the Bollywood film business.



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