Happy Birthday Maddy! This Is What Makes R Madhavan Sweetheart of Many!

CRB Tech reviews wishes the actor a very happy birthday. He celebrated his birthday yesterday, i.e. on 1st of June. We will dedicate this blog to him and see why he will be our crush for times to come.


Gracious and that grin! It’s sufficient to make you go gaga over him. It’s clear, Maddy has never had an issue with women. All he needs to do his glimmer his grin and ladies will toss themselves at him. Madhavan has done a considerable amount of Bollywood movies, as well, and we have cherished him in the majority of the movies. Be it Tanu Weds Manu or Saala Khadoos, he has not let us down by any stretch of the imagination.

You must have seen most movies of this star and you’ve grown up watching him get romantic onscreen. Maddy can without much of a stretch be the Shah Rukh Khan of South with regards to romancing your leading lady on the big screen.


Truth be told, he has gone through an enormous change for Saala Khadoos. Our next door chocolate-boy ended up as muscular and hot! Despite the fact that we are accustomed to seeing him romance in movies and we would preferably watch him romance punch or kick the goons, the actor has done a great deal of good work in the film business. 13 B, 3 Idiots, Saala Khadoos, Kannathil Mutthamittal, Ayitha Ezhuthu etc. are one of his best movies up until this point. Having seen this man evolve from the adorable young man on screen to a macho strong man has been one awesome experience.

The actor got hitched to Sarita Birje, whom he met at a conference before they began dating, in 1999 after which he began doing mainstream movies. The two do make a good couple. Look at the photos of R Madhavan during that time to get the feeling of sentimentality that we got.


His fans, as well, attempt to make the day a special for him. “My fans go to the temple and do pujas for me. They even do charity on my birthday. I feel touched. It’s the best gift they can give me,” This is what he expresses. A humble human being, one must say about him.

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Before signing off, CRB Tech reviews would like to wish him all the success in his career.

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