Diana Penty’s Comeback : Film “Happy Bhaag Jayegi” Is Soon To Release !

CRB Tech reviews take’s a look at the comeback Bollywood film of Cocktail actress Diana Penty
Can you recall Mira from Cocktail? Man, she was a fantasy. Diana Penty’s huge Bollywood debut in ‘Cocktail’, opposite to Saif Ali Khan who played her adoration interest for the last part of the film and Deepika Padukone, who was her BBF, was a noteworthy hit. However, she could have been effortlessly been eclipsed by the two Bollywood biggies, Diana Penty had an exceptional impact on the viewers.
In any case, after the release of “Cocktail” in 2012, we never got the opportunity to see Penty in something besides two or three cleanser ads.
She’ll be assuming the part of a sardarni named Harpreet Kaur otherwise known as Happy from a conservative Amritsari family. In any case, the thing about her character is that anything that is repetitive is marginal boring. Likewise, she has been thrown inverse Abhay Deol in the film.

Her character introduction portrays her as Harpreet Kaur or Happy. Born in a straightforward family in Amritsar, Happy is implied for peculiar and in some cases even exceptional things. She discovers her own answers for all life’s troublesome issues. 
Like fleeing from the venue, wedding clothing, man of the hour what not. For additional on why Happy preferences fleeing so much, especially when a man in sherwani and sehra is included, keep an eye out for the Mudassar Aziz-directed ‘run-com’ on August 19.
The long hold up has come to an end, and Diana is good to go to make us go frail in the knees once more. The on-screen character is assuming the part of an in-your-face sardarni this time, a complete contrast to her past role as a meek Indian lady, thus, essentially a much-needed refresher is what we’re discussing. This present film’s title is ‘Happy Bhag Jayegi’ and we can hardly wait for it to release.
India’s Runaway Bride — sorry Julia Roberts — has her tennis shoes on as we now see her getting away on a bicycle. Diana Penty, who astonished us with her act in Cocktail and was never seen again — is back to work. She is the Happy of Happy Bhaag Jayegi.
It cannot be denied that this beauty of Bollywood has got acting potential. Beauty with brains! In all probability, she will again perform to her potential in this upcoming flick.
CRB Tech reviews hope’s that the film would turn into a hit and wishes her all the best!!!

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