Dwayne Johnson ‘The Rock’ Could Be The Next U.S. President !

Here is an interesting news coming from the west, which CRB Tech reviews would like to share. You would be surprised after reading the same.


We are not American nationals, but rather every one of us has straightforwardly rooted for Dwayne Johnson to go for Presidential candidature, each time the subject came up. It appears like ‘The Rock’ has at last offered into the desires of his fans the nation over and the globe. Amid the finale of ‘Saturday Night Live’, he made it official that he has chosen to run for President in 2020.

He communicated his desire to run with Tom Hanks close behind and the two clowned about getting votes effectively. He also expressed that many individuals had been telling him that he ought to keep running for the President of the United States, and he felt that it’s exceptionally complimenting. Thus, he decided to put it to rest once and for all—He is in is what he said. The star officially stated that he is running for the Presidential candidature. The room was, obviously, loaded with a booming commendation.


The WWE legend turned actor, has been telling GQ regarding his aspirations for a profession in politics. In case you’re supposing it sounds a little unrealistic simply recollect the US has a history of this kind of thing.

Ronald Reagan was an actor for a long time before he progressed towards becoming US President in 1981 and all the more as of late Arnie was the Governor of California.

What’s more, how about we be fair, if Donald Trump can get chosen as a Republican candidate while swearing to make Mexico pay for a divider between the two nations, then the sky is the limit.

Not that we’re starting The Rock couldn’t be a marvelous president. He is the fan’s champ before you.

We can simply envision him calling Putin a ‘Jabroni’, before disclosing to Kim Jong-un to ‘know your role and shut your mouth’.The danger of a Rock Bottom or People’s Elbow could be a strong bit of foreign strategy.


What’s more, who wouldn’t be interested in smelling what global warming policies he is concocting.

Be that as it may, as the actor called attention to, he is not exactly prepared to surrender the pick-up at this time.

Let’s see as time would tell us what’s going to happen in 2020. Till then, it’s all the best for ‘The Rock’ Johnson, from CRB Tech reviews.

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