Dont Miss the Tubelight trailer launch and time date

CRB Tech reviews over here shares about Salman Khan starrer Tubelight trailer launch.


The ‘shubh muhurat’ of the film trailer launch of Salman Khan-starrer Tubelight lastly reached 8.59 pm on Friday. It was released by Salman Khan and film director Kabir Khan, and was later broadcasted on Celebrity Plus before being streaming on YouTube. And within 12 hours of its launch the film trailer surpassed 4,161,988 thoughts about YouTube.

With such great number of opinions, we must say the Salman Khan film has handled to gain the attention of lovers with its amazing film trailer.


But what’s the tale behind this specific launch here we are at Tubelight? Well, we wonder too. But going by the design which Kabir Khan and team has followed until now while launching the intro and the music of the film, this seems to be the ‘shubh mahurat’ for them.

Probably after getting many information and content asking the facts about the film trailer launch, Salman Khan took the obligation upon himself of exposing the duration of his movie’s film trailer launch. He even asked for his many lovers to keep relaxed and believe in him.

Tubelight is a film set against the background of the 1962 Sino-Indian war and Sohail Khan will be essaying the function of a knight in it. Lately released images from the film recognizes Sohail trapped in a war like situation. Mostly the film has been taken in Leh and Ladakh to maintain the credibility of its concept.


Director Kabir Khan also tweeted about the production of the film trailer and said, “It’s #TubelightTrailer Day! Pay attention at 8:59 PM on @starindia! @BeingSalmanKhan @amarbutala @TubelightKiEid @skfilmsofficial.”

Ever since Bhaijaan declared the production duration of the film trailer, Twitterati went insane with their ‘Tubelight film trailer day’ tweets posts. Well, this is not the new that we have experienced such enjoyment among the public networking customers for Bollywood Sultan future launch. Previously too the public networking was filled with #Tubelight content. The creators of the film been successful in keeping the hype around this Salman Khan starrer in existence. First the intro, then the Stereo Song and if these were not enough to interest the viewers, they also released Tubelight Ki Making Ka Teaser.

The formal Twitter handle of the film , Tubelight published a group of video clips and images of lovers overtaken by the Tubelight high temperature. Some of the images revealed guys getting a new hairstyle with Tubelight written on their head. In others, the lovers are seen playing the appearance of the film trailer like a event.

Thus our CRB Tech reviews over here has been completed.

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