Video! The Glamorous Europe Tour Through the Eyes of Dan Bilzerian

CRB Tech reviews present before you this ultra-glamorous video showing Europe in its crazy and filthy rich lifestyle. You would definitely skip a heart beat after watching it.

What Dan Bilzerian does each day is the thing that a normal person dreams about doing each day. Despise, him as much as you want to yet Bilzerian keeps on raking in millions, drive supercars and enjoying with hot young ladies. This time around, Bilzerian didn’t keep his hotshot constrained to Instagram, he made a damn video. Bilzerian went to explore some cash inEurope and things ended up being pretty much of course—ludicrously fun. Look at the video yourself while loathing the life you are living.
A few months ago, Instagram playboy Dan Bilzerian has won his $600,000 wager – he rode the about 300 miles from L.A. to Las Vegas is under two days, as a major aspect of a high-stakes bet he made with a poker amigo. 
However, the firearm-toting tycoon is currently laid up with a fever and a wide range of wounds after the tiring 33-hour ride.
Bilzerian made the wager with venture capitalist Bill Perkins that he could bicycle ride from his home in the Hollywood Hills to the Vegas sign inside 48 hours, and enrolled disrespected sports cheat Lance Armstrong to help him train.
Bilzerian, the child of a well off takeover master, set off at around 8pm on Tuesday evening and advanced through the Mojave desert. He just had just until the same time on Thursday night to make the outing or he will be compelled to hand over $600,000. In any case, he landed with right around 15 hours to save. Perkins, who was accompanying Bilzerian in an RV, expressed that he more than deserved the cash.
Bilzerian has a taking after of 7 million netizens on Instagram where he has ended up known for posting pictures of sparsely clad ladies, wild parties, and his augmentation firearm collection. 
His abnormal way of life has prompted armies of fans and pundits taking after everything he might do, which is all financed by his immense acquired riches. 
Toward the end of 2014, he ended up on the end of a claim after model Vanessa Castano asserted he kicked her in the face in a club.
Before betting, he worked with the Navy before, in the end, getting kicked out of SEAL preparing two days before graduating for offending an officer. He was at last given a good release. 
He lives luxuriously with homes in Las Vegas, San Diego, and Los Angeles.
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