Daddy Trailer: Arjun Rampal At His Wild Best !

Here’s the trailer of one more film that is about to release next month. Check it out on CRB Tech reviews, as we bring to you the trailer’s review.


The much anticipated trailer of the film turned out last night and it’s impactful without a doubt. The 2-minute 14-second-long trailer reproduces the period of the 70s and the portrayal adds to the trailer profiled like a narrative. The video finely accounts the details regarding Mumbai of an era, which still discovers its place settled in the history of the city.


In the wake of releasing a one of a kind audio teaser with Arun Gawli’s voice over and a motion poster of the film, the creators of Arjun Rampal- starer “Daddy” had prior released the first official teaser of the film. The convincing teaser had Arjun Rampal (Arun Gawli) sitting inside the jail wearing a white kurta pajama and wearing his trademark Gandhi topi, while the policeman suggested some difficult questions at him.


The voice-over gives out a reasonable and in detail picture of what happened during those times in Dagdi Chawl – the fortress of Arun Gawli, with details of the closing down of textile factories and the hardships confronted by the affected mill workers and their families. Finding an exit plan the similarly minded formed a gang in the film called as the B.R.A gang, an acronym of their names Babu, Rama and Arun.


“Daddy” has been co-written and directed by Ashim Ahluwalia. The political crime based film will check Ashim’s entry into mainstream films after his full length narrative ‘John and Jane’ and ‘Miss Lovely’, both of which grabbed National Awards. Passing by the trailer, Arjun has made for an extraordinary fit as the gangster turned politician Arun Gawli and the destiny of the film appears to be encouraging. “Daddy” will hit the theaters on July 21, 2017.

The trailer is extremely gripping and quick paced. With gun shots being fired in the background, the trailer catches the state of the workers who are attracted to the Underworld.

Arjun Rampal wears the trademark attire and acquires the support of the masses who turns out to be affectionately called as “Daddy” by his followers. He plays the man who decided to neither stride back nor flee from India.

All things considered, the trailer is very much intriguing and convincing. Enjoy it right here…!

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