Check Out! Here Is How Alia Bhatt Promotes Akshay Kumar’s Rustom

CRB Tech reviews brings to you this erotic video, which depicts Alia Bhatt in a sleazy avatar performing on a famous rain song to promote Akshay Kumar’s latest film Rustom.
In spite of not being an industry insider, Akshay Kumar has established his place as a whiz in Bollywood. Presently, when the 48-year-old on-screen actor’s film Rustom is set to hit the screens, each A-lister in the film industry is ensuring that Akki knows they are close by.
The most recent to do as such is Alia Bhatt, who is yet to do a film with Akshay Kumar. In any case, that hasn’t halted her from sharing a video on Twitter in which she is reenacting a hit melody from Akshay’s 1994 film, Mohra. 
This melody, Tip Barsa Pani, was a wrath amid the ’90s and was filmed on Raveena Tandon where she moves in the downpour in a brilliant yellow saree. Directed by Viju Shah, the song had the voices of Alka Yagnik and Udit Narayan. 
The film is based on the topic of treachery and extra conjugal connections, when Akshay Kumar’s character discovers his better half cheating him and afterward evidently kills her beau, resulting in a court case, public sensitivity and media trial on demonstrating his blame or guiltlessness in the matter. The film is based on the 1959 instance of a maritime officer K. M. Nanavati and the homicide of his better half’s lover.

While we are now mindful of all the Bollywood big names who have been promoting Akshay Kumar’s Rustom on online networking, you aren’t acquainted with what on-screen character Alia Bhatt simply did. The actress thought about a somewhat intriguing thought to spread the message out, about his film. Alia, who as of late gathered immense compliments for her part in Udta Punjab, transformed into dazzling Raveena Tandon. Hung in a yellow sari, the performing artist moved to the hit number of the 90s well known track Tip Barsa Pani, but still it is funny.
Several young stars of Bollywood including Ranveer Singh, Salman Khan, Sidharth Malhotra, Arjun Kapoor and Varun Dhawan have promoted the film on their receptive social media accounts and the next star on the list is none other than Alia Bhatt.
This has become a sort of trend these days. Fellow actors promoting their colleagues’ films by doing such acts. CRB Tech reviews updates you with such entertainment related blogs.  

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