Australia Taken By Aldub Fever Ahead of Imagine You and Me Premier

CRB Tech reviews presents you this latest news from the world of Aldub.
The Philippines’ AlDub sensation goes global as the couple’s foreseen motion picture, “Imagine You and Me,” is most likely to be released in theaters Down Under on July 30. Google reports show AlDub (Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards) as one of the most blazing slanting themes in Australia.
The romantic flick “Imagine You and Me” was directed by Mike Tuviera. It formally opened on July 13. It’s the second film of AlDub after their comic drama hit “My Bebe Love: KiligPaMore.” To promote the fame of the couple, GMA News reported that lone hours after the motion picture premier, “Imagine You and Me” was hailed a film industry hit with nets achieving P13 million.
AlDub is the sensational blending between youthful famous celebrities Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards. The couple initially showed up in the portion. The couple initially showed up in the fragment “Juan for All, All for Juan” on “Eat Bulaga!” the theatrical show on the Filipino channel, GMA Network. No one, from the director to the cast, purportedly anticipated that the couple would turn into an enormous hit pair.
“Imagine You and Me” recounts the tale of Andrew (Alden), a heart broken man situated in Italy, and Gara (Maine), a miserable romantic who works in the same nation as an abroad Filipino worker. Destiny gives the two a chance to meet, yet the question lies whether they wind up together or not as both of them have entirely unexpected viewpoints in love.
Alden is a talent coming from GMA while Maine rose to her big name status after her dubsmash videos circulated around the web. Being given a role as “Yaya Dub” in the theatrical show, Mendoza was uncovered to really like Richards. This was the seed to their now celebrated love team.
AlDub fans have left no stone unturned in demonstrating their backing through posting in various social media sites, e.g. Facebook and Twitter. Obviously the associated hashtag is not to be ignored: #AlDubImagineYouAndMe
Google reports that show AlDub topping the entertainment look patterns in Australia nearby Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Darude and Calvin Harris amongst others.
As reported by Inquirer, the pair is having their first anniversary on July 16, and to commend it with their devoted fans, AlDub has launched their second film.
Looking at how things have gone till now, it is for sure that the film would create waves wherever it releases. CRB Tech reviews wishes them all the best for their film.

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