Alden-Maine spent romantic private moments on their 49th weeksary!

CRB Tech Reviews brings another interesting part from the love-journey of Alden-Maine. They celebrated their 49th weeksary (49 weeks of their relation) sharing all sweet memories since they are together.
Alden and Maine are popular celebrity personalities from quite long. Both the celebrities are mostly seen in Phillipines popular TV show Eat Bulaga! And apart from this, quite famous as a beautiful couple off-screen and for all those love chemistries running throughout!

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Recently, Alden and Maine celebrated their 49th weeksary, and shred their cute memories from long back. 

“Remember @mainedcm? Good times! Happy 49 th” – tweet by Alden
“@aldenrichards02 super lazy susan #neverforget” – replied Maine!
Emily Miranda ‘s voice was soo excellent that Maine would ‘Imagine You and Me‘, would sing the trailer since that is mystery star of the silver screen trailer for ‘ginagandahan fraudulant’ fans. 
Their up and coming motion picture ‘Imagine You and Me’ will debut this coming July 13, Wednesday in silver screens across the nation.
Their 11th monthsary was spent well sharing a stage together on 16th June. But this wasn’t satisfactory to both the hearts so they took Social Media as media to express their affection for one another.
Maine played out the signature melody of their motion picture ‘Imagine You and Me’ as a major aspect of their month to month festivity on the longest-running early afternoon appear. The two were observably and normally sweet to the point of verging on dropping their Kalyeserye characters to demonstrate their backing for each other’s close to home turning points. 

After the cameras quit rolling, the two Kapuso stars kept communicating their charm for each other. Maine tweeted, “Thank you, @aldenrichards02. Glad eleventh!” 
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