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CRB Tech reviews would like to share with you the trailer of the upcoming film Shivaay. Actor Ajay Devgn is wearing the director’s shoes this time. He is also the main lead in the film. is wearing the director’s shoes this time. He is also the main lead in the film.
There is no denying the way that Ajay is a distinct advantage, and with Shivaay this expert entertainer is at the end of the day here to storm the cine world. With Ajay hopping and scaling through the mountains just looks into the film, with numerous indications to lord Shiva. In spite of the fact that the trailer doesn’t give away much yet is by all accounts an anecdote around a man with a mission and how he faces challenges despite circumstances. 

After such an extensive amount of reckoning at long last Ajay Devgn’s greatly anticipated directorial infant, Shivaay is here to engage the resolute devotees of this “Singham” of Bollywood.
On the off chance that reports are to be trusted than in the motion picture Ajay plays a mountain dweller, a regular man, who inevitably appears as Shiva — the destroyer to ensure honest lives and his family.
So now not saying much in regards to this highly anticipated it here we bring for you the sublime trailer of Shivaay. So simply watch it. Shivaay is slated to discharge this Diwali, 28 October and subsequent to seeing these entrancing activity arrangements we can helpfully say that is going to rise as a victor at BO
The 3.5-minute video opens with Devgn attempting to climb snow-secured mountains, slipping just before reaching the top. It likewise indicates him driving on a bustling street with the gas pedal stuck into the floor. 
Shot broadly in Bulgaria, “Shivaay” is by all accounts a nail-gnawing thriller that is yet to toss light on the exceptional story that likewise stars kid artist Abigail Eames, Sayyeshaa Saigal, Ali Kazmi as Major Khan, Vir Das and Erika Kaar. The on-the-edge action scenes over the mountains and down the bluffs guarantee some never-seen adrenaline-pumping background in the film theaters.
The fantasy venture of actor-director Ajay Devgn looks hypnotizing to the core with a reduced, exciting plot, amazing pursue scenes including cars, trucks and choppers and obviously, Ajay Devgn who is back with a blast in the snow-topped mountains.
A kid can likewise be seen, and his life has all the earmarks of being under some sort of risk. Regardless of its long runtime, the trailer doesn’t speak much about Devgn’s genuine personality.
CRB Tech reviews would keep on bringing to you, the trailers of new movies of 2016.

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