Did You Know, 13 Facts About Rafale Fighter Jets?

CRB Tech reviews came across the news that India has signed a contract with the French government and will buy 36 Rafale fighter planes from them in the near future.

In the wake of this news, let’s check out some interesting facts about this fighter plane that will provide the IAF more solidity in the international air space.


  1. Rafale is a twin-engine combat flying machine fit for completing an extensive variety of short and long-extended missions, including ground and ocean assaults, surveillance, high-precision strikes and nuclear strike prevention.

  1. Rafale can do both air-to-ground strikes, and in addition aerial assaults and capture attempts amid the same sortie.

  1. The Rafale is fitted with an on-board oxygen generating system (OBOGS) which smothers the requirement for fluid oxygen re-filling. Ground support gear for the generation and transportation of oxygen is no more required. A special feature one must say.

  1. The flying machine is said to be able to track targets, produce continuous three-dimensional maps. It likewise offers features, for example, ‘look-down detection’ and following of various air focuses for close battle and long-range interception, in every single climatic condition.

  1. The Rafale is the principal operational – thus far, the one and only – European fighter to utilize an electronic scanning radar.

  1. Each of the three variants of the aircraft namely, C, M and B share a typical airframe and a typical mission system, the contrasts amongst maritime and land renditions being basically restricted to the undercarriage and to the capturing hook.

  1. The computerized ‘Fly-by-Wire’ Flight Control System is intended to accommodate longitudinal soundness.

  1. The Rafale highlights a portion of the extremely most recent flight systems including RBE2 multi-mode radar (the first in Europe with two-plane electronic checking), propelled pilot’s head gear with sight and show, Spectra countermeasures framework and OSF – a jam-safe uninvolved optronic reconnaissance and imaging framework with laser rangefinder.

  1. Expressing that the Rafale has “Omnirole” ability, Dassault Aviation asserts that the airplane can play out a few actions in the meantime, for example, mid air missiles amid a low height infiltration stage.

  1. Rafale can reach upto a maximum speed of 1912 km/h. Now that’s really fast.

  1. The cockpit has hands-on throttle and stick control (HOTAS). The cockpit is outfitted with a heads-up, wide-point holographic display from Thales Avionique, which gives data on aircraft control, mission data and firing signals.

  1. The Rafale has a twin gun and a Nexter (once in the past Giat) 30mm DEFA 791B gun, which can shoot 2,500 rounds in a minute. The Rafale is outfitted with laser assignment pods for laser direction of air-to-ground missiles.

  1.   The Rafale fighter aircraft is still serving the French air force and forms an integral part of it. Now, India will also own it.

CRB Tech reviews feels that you must have enjoyed reading this article which is quite informative and gives you a rough idea of what India is buying.

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