What will be the new feature of iPhone SE

Today, Apple is holding an event at Cupertino central command in California where they are said to present new devices alongside some product redesigns. For more news click on CRB Tech Reviews.   Be that as it may, generally as usual, the star of the occasion is the up and coming supposed 4-inch iPhone, which is at present known not the iPhone SE. Energetic fans and in addition inquisitive commentators need to know with reference to what Apple will offer in its first dispatch occasion of the year. We can’t wait for the launch of such what we can say one of the cheapest phone.

In the first place things to start with, the gadget will be called SE and not iPhone 5se. As of late spilled retail box has further affirmed the name. The organization has chosen to drop “5” from the name. This implies, the iPhone SE will be the second iPhone after the first era model without a number in its name. What’s more, it is trusted that the adjustment in the name is to streamline the iPhone lineup as bringing back an iPhone 5 variation amid iPhone 6 life-cycle might befuddle clients. The iPhone SE will purportedly supplant the iPhone 5s and could offer at a comparative value point also.

According to the leaked aspect for the mobile phone from the retail box it has also been confirmed that the consistent rumour about the device one which goes in with that the phone is coming with an powered A9 processor which will be an all out supported by 1GB RAM.

The Mobile is also all set to offer the 16GB and 64GB ROM capacities which will be powered in with 1642mAh battery. For the connectivity we can have in  Wi-Fi 802.11 ac, Bluetooth 4.2, Live Photos support and as we see the phone we will be able to see more. For more such news click CRB Tech Reviews.

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