Twitter and Pintrest Accounts of Facebook CEO hacked

CRB Tech came across a trending news that, Twitter and Pintrest accounts of Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, were reported to have been hacked throughout the weekend. A group of hackers by the name ‘OurMine’ team claimed to have accessed Mark’s online networking account through Twitter. Twitters accounts of each member from the group are suspended, for the time being.
Despite the fact that the reports could not to check the initials of interest with reference to how the group figured out how to hack Zuckerberg’s acounts, OurMine Team states the hack was made conceivable utilizing the LinkedIn password dump that happened couple of weeks prior. 
It is likely that the spilled information incorporated the ID and secret word of the Facebook CEO’s LinkedIn account and that Zuckerberg utilized the same password for his another accounts also. The password was “dadada” according to the hackers team. 
OurMine Team even guaranteed to have accessed the Facebook CEO’s Instagram account. In any case, Facebook later affirmed that Zuckerberg’s Instagram record was untouched. “No Facebook systems or accounts were accessed,” a Facebook representative told VentureBeat site in an announcement. “The influenced accounts have been re-secured.” 
As of late, it was accounted for that Facebook furtively recorded individuals’ discussions with no legitimate aparts. Be that as it may, the online networking monster later affirmed that the organization does not capture into the cell phone’s amplifier to show advertisements or to change client’s inclinations in News Feed.
Facebook benefactor and CEO Mark Zuckerberg justifiably has accounts on other social networking sites. Be that as it may, that doesn’t mean he tries to keep up standard security rehearses on non-Facebook properties. This weekend, his Twitter and Pinterest records were hacked. The group responsible, OurMine Team, likewise guaranteed to have accessed his zuck Instagram account. 
There’s no proof across the board harm originating from the Zuckerberg account trade off—not in access that Zuckerberg apparently hasn’t tweeted subsequent to 2012. OurMine took the chance to tweet “you were in Linkedin Database… DM for proof.” 
Security specialists suggest that you utilize an alternate, solid secret key for every account you have.In this way, on the off chance that one of them gets compromised, the others aren’t as well. In the event that it’s hard to recollect that every one of the passwords, then utilize a secret key supervisor.
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