Secure Trading Now Possible, Thanks To Blockchain Technology !

CRB Tech reviews has this interesting piece of news for all the financial market traders. It is regarding security of transactions during trade.


Digital Asset Holdings, a blockchain startup supported by a portion of the world’s biggest banks, announced on Wednesday that it had built up a stage to permit traders to utilize blockchain technology without leaking out confidential data on their trades.

Blockchain, which initially came up as the software supporting cryptocurrency bitcoin, is a mutual record of transactions and resource proprietorship that is kept up by a network of PCs on the web. This implies each user in a network could possibly have admittance to the points of interest of each exchange.

While this decreases risks connected with errors in information records held by various firms, it likewise makes it insufficient for use in specific securities markets where members would be off guard on the off chance that they unveiled their positions.

Digital Asset’s platform unravels the protection issue by separating the disseminated ledger of transactions into two segments: one where members can secretly store their transaction information, and another that is shared by all members without the confidential information, as indicated by the report.

The new stage provides an answer for privacy issues keeping down appropriation of the nascent innovation in money related markets, as per a report issued by the organization, which is headed by previous JPMorgan banker Blythe Masters.

While excitement around blockchain in money markets has detonated over the previous year, the technology has yet to be conveyed to run extensive monetary processes, for example, the clearing and settlement of equities markets.


Research firm Greenwich Associates surveyed more than 130 officials dealing with blockchain in capital markets in June and found that exchange confidentiality was their top security worry, with 56 percent of respondents referring to it as their essential stress.

The organization was not long ago granted a contract to supplant ASX’s clearing and settlement frameworks with its blockchain based software. Digital Asset’s platform will be prepared for use before the end of 2017. Any choice by ASX to utilize it would be made from that point in consultation with their partners, as per Dan O’Prey, Digital Asset Holdings’ head marketing officer.

Established in 2014, New York-based Digital Asset is a standout amongst the most prominent new companies in the early blockchain industry. Not long ago it raised more than $60 million from extensive financial institutions including Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, CME Group, Deutsche Borse and Citigroup.

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