Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Fails To Surpass The Water Resistance Test

CRB Tech Reviews brings a shocking news for all Samsung S7 Active – lovers, that the cell phone failed to surpass the water resistance test
A Samsung cell phone promoted as being water-safe has fizzled a water resistance test by a leading product review site.
The Samsung Galaxy S7 Active quit working in the wake of being placed in a tank that mimicked the impact of being around 5ft (1.5m) submerged. 
Buyer Reports rehashed its test on a second model, which was additionally harmed. 
Samsung said it was conceivable, faulty gadgets were “not as watertight” as they ought to have been. 
At the point when evacuated after 30 minutes, the principal cellphones display was non-responsive and defaced by green lines. Bubbles had likewise framed in its two camera lenses. 
The second handset subjected to the same test endured comparable deficiencies. 
Samsung’s site expressed the Galaxy S7 Active, which is sold in the US, however, is not accessible in the UK, is IP68-affirmed. 
The global assurance rating means the cellphone can withstand “ceaseless resistance in water”
Shopper Reports stood out as truly newsworthy, six years prior when it hailed an issue with the iPhone 4’s receiving wire before Apple had recognized the issue. 
‘Couple of grumblings’ – 
The non-benefit association said neither one of the handsets was usable after its analyses. 
It noticed the standard Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge models, which are likewise IP68-ensured, had not maintained water harm amid the same test conditions. 
“While Consumer Reports by and large doesn’t assess cell phones for this element, we do play out a drenching test when a maker claims that its item is water-safe,” said the nonprofit organization.
“When we as of late assessed the Galaxy S7 Active, it fizzled this test.” 
Samsung said it had received “not many grumblings” about the issue, and that handsets ought to be secured under guarantee. The Active model first went on special in June. 
“There might be a remote possibility that an imperfect gadget is not as watertight as it ought to be,” it said, including that it would examine the issue. 
A year ago Sony cautioned proprietors of its waterproof Xperia cell phone territory against utilizing the gadgets submerged. 
“The IP rating of your gadget was accomplished in research facility conditions in standby mode, so you may not utilize the gadget submerged, for example, taking pictures,” guidance on its water and clean assurance page states. 
It is expected by Samsung to report its most gainful quarters in over two years due to solid offers subjected with Samsung Galaxy S7.
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