Karbonn Quattro L52 A Staggering Cell Phone Which Wont Disappoint You

CRB Tech Reviews bring a latest Technology Update that Karbonn is over to release its upcoming beast at a very reasonable price.
Karbonn has chosen to attack into the virtual reality section with its most recent gadget Quattro L52. The cell phone, which comes packaged with the VR headset, is evaluated reasonably at Rs 8,790. 
The cell phone creators know VR in particular is a  huge thing and each other organization, these days, is attempting to make a space for themselves in this section. Be that as it may, with organizations like Lenovo, Zebronics and Intex offering spending plan VR headsets, Karbonn is confronted with extreme rivalry. 
Karbonn L52 resembles a pocket-friendly gadget and the same remains constant for the VR headset. The L52 has a plastic body that doesn’t feel premium by any stretch of the imagination. 
The VR headset then again is a major  bit of plastic and the configuration makes it look massive. Be that as it may, considering the price it will be selling for, let us give the gadgets that favorable position until further notice. 



5-inch IPS


1.3 GHz quad-core





Rear Camera


Front Camera





5.1 Lollipop


Rs 8,790


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What makes the cellphone intresting –

Karbonn L52 is a good looking cell phone, given at a reasonable price. It includes a plastic back with gold metal casings running along the edges. The front screen emerges the most with 2.5D bended glass and thin bezels on the sides. The capacitive catches are at the base (not illuminated) and the general outline looks slick.

The L52 is user friendly to use, on account of its appropriate configuration. This time the cellphone is out with a plastic body so there is nothing to worry about slipping the phone off from hands.

The display is very well and adjusts itself well in daylight. It is distinctive and makes for incredible review edges.

The back camera makes a good capturing with regards to in spots where there is abundant light. Notwithstanding, don’t expect much in term of delivering regular hues and picture quality. You won’t be baffled with the camera on the off chance that you remember the sticker price. In low-light, it does pretty much normal. Likewise, it is somewhat hard to center utilizing the camera as a part of L52.

Karbonn L52 is shockingly great with multitasking. Playing games on it, watching videos, surfing the web and exchanging between tabs is quite smooth.

VR trial – Presently, the VR headset is made out of ABS plastic fiber and fitted with bi-arched lenses for immersive experience. The headset looks modest, yet it is superior to anything like Google Cardboard and that appears to have been the target. Be that as it may, subsequent to Karbonn has figured out how to make a VR headset at this price  and did not simply gave away VR cardboards, the exertion is admirable.

Review – Karbonn L52 is a not too bad cell phone for those in a such a reasonable price. It looks great, accompanies a better than average battery and does not give you motivations to dissension on the multitasking front.

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