Just Guess The Price of These Shoes! Simply Unbelievable!

How far can you imagine with regards to the price of a pair of shoes? May be in hundreds, thousands…not more probably. Well, CRB Tech reviews brings to you these shoes that cost…any guesses? Read further as we reveal the price. Bet, you would be in for a shock!

Nike shoes1

These particular pair of shoes coming from the famous “Nike” brand cost a mammoth $24,000. That amounts to 16,35,000 in Indian rupees. Now, can you believe that? What makes them so costly? Let’s see further.

Yet, genuinely, ₹16,35,000 for a couple of shoes! Just to place things in context, you can purchase 3 Wagon R’s, 2 iPhone 7 and still have cash left to purchase an expensive tub of popcorn while viewing a film with 3 of your companions (which you can serenely support) on a weekend.

So it’s either that, or this pair of shoes.

Yes, only one set.

Of shoes.

So why are these shoes so high in price? Do they help you to fly? Do they wash and iron your garments? Will they do your assignments for you? Will they pull out cash from the ATM for you? Will they cook for you?

No. Turns out all they manage to do is, is self-tie themselves !

Nike shoes

They were imagined in the 1985 film Back To The Future and turned into a reality in 2015. Likewise, if tying your shoes is your greatest concern, then for a regal aggregate of ₹16,35,000, you can really contract somebody to do that for you.

Still, the purchasers will dependably be there. Additionally, even that sort of cash wouldn’t have promised me a buy. ‘Cause they made just 89 sets of them. Henceforth, you have to enter a draw by means of their site and after that supplicate angrily for a couple of them.


A humble request to the Nike team. Whenever you choose to settle down to a cost for your shoes, simply think about each one of those salaried individuals out there, who go for watching a movie on a weekday to spare money. Those who prefer a half plate of momos rather than one to spare cash. Who asks for a sutta as opposed to buying one to spare cash. Who wait for an hour looking for happy hours to begin to spare cash. Just with the goal that they can purchase a decent pair of shoes.

CRB Tech reviews hopes that you found this news really interesting.

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