How To Export Your Contacts From Android To iOS ?

CRB Tech reviews brings to you this informative blog that would help to transfer your contacts from Android platform to iOS platform. Sounds useful isn’t it? Read further in order to know more.

Changing Smartphones isn’t generally that troublesome, and takes nothing more than popping out the sim card from one gadget and placing it in another. Also, because of cell phones (and the progressed operating systems that force them), moving contacts starting with one OS then onto the next is a stroll in the recreation center. On the off chance that you’re wanting to move from an Android cell phone to an iPhone, here are some simple ways by utilizing which you can move every one of your contacts to your new telephone.


1. Through an app called native Contacts:

Open up the local Contacts application on your Android cell phone and select Import/Export from more choices. Here you can send out a few/the greater part of your contacts to a VCF  record, which can be then used to import the contacts to the iPhone.

2. With the help of move to iOS app:

Apple’s own Move to iOS application makes exchanging contacts from an android telephone to an iPhone straightforward. The application can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and just works with iPhones that are set up without any preparation. So in case you’re now utilizing the iPhone, you may need to reset the gadget before utilizing Move to iOS application.

At the point when setting up the iPhone, an ‘Apps and Data’ window is shown. Here, select ‘Move Data from Android’. Once the terms and conditions are consented to, the application demonstrates a 10-digit code which must be entered on the old Android gadget from which you wish to move the contacts. Once both telephones are adjusted, you can choose whichever contacts you have to exchange.

3. Via Gmail:

On the off chance that you utilize Android , it’s very nearly a given you have a Gmail account. Also, Gmail makes it simple to synchronize every one of your contacts to it. Simply explore to Settings > Accounts > Google > Sync Contacts. This will synchronize all you contacts to your Gmail address book account.

When this is done, go to Settings > Mail, Contacts and Calendars > Add Account, on the     iPhone. At long last, select Google and sign-in utilizing the Google account with which you’ve matched up your contacts. All things considered, ensure you have “Contacts” enabled in the settings before the sync.

4. Other third party apps:

There are a lot of third party applications that can be utilized to move contacts from Android to iOS . In any case, ensure you select an application that is accessible on both iOS and Android.

All applications include backing up contacts (as VCF document) and sending them to an email location of your choice. After this, all you have to is open the email on your iPhone and download the attached VCF file. This will straightforwardly import every one of the contacts to the iPhone .

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