Google Maps Is Updated ! Here are the Changes

CRB Tech reviews is happy to inform you regarding the latest changes with respect to Google maps.  
Google has come up with an upgrade to its Maps services on every single platform including Web, Android and iOS. The upgrade brings a cleaner and more easy to use appearance, notwithstanding presenting a changed geology and expelling the street outlines. Additionally, the upgrade brings more purposes of interest, train stations and different spots.
The search giant as of late took off Wi-Fi only mode to its Maps application through an overhaul. Alongside this, the upgrade likewise included newer notifications for mass transit related deferrals. Couple of weeks back, it likewise rolled out updates with more honed and more consistent symbolism , utilizing photographs from Landsat 8 satellite created through cooperation amongst  United States Geological Survey and NASA.
New territories of interest are presently highlighted with new shades to portray distinctive areas. The world is brimming with information, which implies highlighting vital information on the map guide without congestion it is an exercise of balancing. So as a component of this upgrade, we’ve evacuated elements that aren’t totally required (like street layouts). The outcome is a cleaner look that makes it simpler to see supportive and noteworthy data like transit and traffic, is what the search giant meant to say.
The redesigned Maps application indicates points of interest in Orange shading. Users would essentially need to open the application and search for regions shaded in Orange.
Diverse shading plans in Google Maps will likewise give users a chance to separate between man-made or natural elements furthermore effectively recognize hospitals, schools or highways.
What’s special for Indian users?
You can now utilize Google Maps to get multi-course directions with a solitary search query. The Google Maps application now gives the best course for more than two purposes of a voyage, on account of a feature that was before accessible just on the site.s
Google India, in a press conference held in Chennai Thursday, introduced a portion of the new features presented on Google Maps.
A portion of the other recently presented features incorporate ongoing traffic and alerts related to it, hunt down routes in navigation mode, booking Ola and Uber taxicabs from inside Google Map, getting bearings for public transport and checking on and sharing local encounters.
While the food for taxis is specifically sourced from the administrators and is accessible progressively, data for public transport hosts been outsourced from a third- party and is not accessible off-line.
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