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CRB Tech reviews over here shares about Befikre movie review

Befikre turns the box office collection to gold and is a very romantic comedy drama film. And Paris is a better location for such a romantic film.

Ranveer and Vaani form an excellent pair and they share a wonderful screen presence as well.

But there are some moments which are the best and there are some scenes in the movie which are

very much familiar.


Dharam (Ranveer Singh) and Shyra (Vaani Kapoor) have split up recently and has no contacts.

There are some songs which shows their pre-breakup relationship and their crazy acts of love.

But finally they found they are not made they are not made for each other

They soon come to conditions with their break-up but will remain as friends.

Their personal love live reboots and their friendship is tested.

Befikre is about the unavoidable of affection experiences. There really can only be two opinions, and then, your way to those the opinions helps make the film.

The story seems to be an imaginary script but the excellent chemistry drives the story

Dharam is every feminist’s nightmare: a homophobic straight boy from Delhi who shames ladies for having sex.

He believes lesbos will sleep with him and the absence of regret that a lady feels after breaking-up with him makes him insulted.

Only Singh could have drawn off this personality without being annoyed.


He’s fun to watch apart from his serious Bajirao part, but to be reasonable, he’s familiar with this area.

Shyra is an organized lady with a great at once her shoulder area and Vaani’s carefree act makes you wonder why she hasn’t worked well more!

There are numerous glimpse to DDLJ and most carry a smile at your face.

One that particularly is unique is a mother-daughter scene, much like the Farida Jalal-Kajol scene.

There, Jalal’s personality informed Kajol’s that ladies have to control their feelings; in this latest edition, Shyra’s mom informs her to stand up for herself.

Befikre has some honest and funny moments and is a worth watching movie.

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