BlackBerry on a run of dispatching two mid-range Android Smartphone

CRB Tech Reviews came across a fresh Technology update from BlackBerry organization – for all BlackBerry lovers that the organization is thinking to launch two mid-range Android cell phones, around the ending of July. 
BlackBerry has as of now uncovered its future plans to dispatch a couple of more Android-controlled cell phones and now it appears the organization could dispatch new gadgets as ahead of the schedule as July 2016. 
In a meeting with the Middle Eastern site The National, BlackBerry CEO John Chen introduced the organization’s policies for what has to arrive. In the event that you haven’t been taking after a long, BlackBerry is presently an Android OEM, having dispatched the BlackBerry towards the end of 2015. The was $700, a value point Chen conceded “was most likely not as shrewd as it ought to have been.” Now the organization is going to attempt a couple of “mid-extent” Android gadgets. 
The GSMArena has cited John Chen as saying, “I’m not so much arranged to disclose that. I figure I was considering doing that more in July time span. I have talked about having two of them in the middle of now and the end of this monetary year, and they for the most part that the two more in the mid-extent and mid to high, not going to be a top of the line telephone.” 
Chen told The National that “A lot of big business clients have said to us, ‘I need to purchase your telephone, yet $700 is excessively steep for me. I’m more keen on a $400 gadget.'” The report says BlackBerry arranges “to dispatch two mid-range Android handsets this year, one with a physical console and one with a full touchscreen.” 
As indicated by the report, Chen has said that one cell phone will brandish a full touchscreen and the other will accompany a QWERTY console. As far as specs, nothing else was said. His encouragement included that the cell phones will be estimated around $300 to $400, which means generally Rs 20,000 to Rs 26,000. That is to say, the organization arranges to dispatch new mid-range gadgets. 
He likewise talked about and how it was “too top of the line item” for the venture and that is the motivation behind why it has received a late value cut. In this way, the cost is sliced to $649 from $699. was dispatched in India at Rs 62,990, and it is presently recorded at Rs 57,990 on Amazon. 
Blackberry as of late declared to have sold 600,000 handsets in the meanwhile of the previous three months till March end, which was lower than 850,000 units anticipated by experts. Be that as it may, there is no word on what number of units were sold. stayed in a truly tight spot since it had a greater number of cons than geniuses despite the fact that the stars are okay. It didn’t speak to BlackBerry fans, on account of gravely executed Hub, normal keypad, and not all that thumb interface like on past BlackBerry gadgets.
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