Apple’s New Speaker Design: 10 Reactions That Will Leave You In Splits !

Apple has quite recently uncovered its brand new savvy smart home speaker, and it in a split second turned into a meme. Yes! The apparently incredible sounding product has a ton of marvelous features, yet the one that got web’s attention the most was its striking similitude to… a roll of toilet tissue.



Can you imagine that?

The gadget won’t be available to buy until the later part of this year, so it’s still too soon to compare it with its rivals Google Home ($109) and Amazon Echo ($180). One thing is without a doubt, however. After HomePod’s presentation at the current year’s Worldwide Developer Conference, individuals squandered no time in presenting hilarious responses to it on the web.

The $350 HomePod, as per Apple, joins the rich sound quality of Sonos speakers with the “brains” of Siri. This implies the device is not just fit for playing music; it can likewise dim the lights in a room when users converse with it also.

Apple's New Speaker 1

CRB Tech reviews have specially collected for you, 10 of the craziest reactions from people on this new launch from Apple. Read and enjoy…..

  1. This one’s probably the funniest. The pic. is self-explanatory!!! No words required.

  1. Guess, where you would hang the speaker? OOPS!

  1. A smoky affair!

  1. He feels…The tastiest thing probably!

Apple's New Speaker 2

  1. The height of comparison.

  1. It’s Homepod cultivation!!!

  1. It is so colorful!

  1. Owners pride and neighbor’s envy. Jealous?

  1. Voice enabled iGuard !!!

  1. For this lady, it is going to be the most costly scratching post for her cat.


By now, you must be lying down laughing….

Even Apple can have a meme day!!!!

Hope you enjoyed these hilarious reactions. Until next time, its adieu from CRB Tech reviews.

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