9 Amazing Google Services That Will Make Your Life Easy

There are several functions in Search engines that you probably don’t know about and that is what our CRB Tech reviewsover here are all about. Features that would create your daily lifestyle a whole lot simpler. Like these 10, for instance



  1. Google Timeline

    This has data about all the locations your Android operating system cellphone has revealed through Google engines Charts. So, if you don’t want someone to figure out about that sketchy place you once frequented, you can eliminate it from where you are history. Change off this function and Google engines won’t know where you’re going next.

  2. Apps connected to your account

    I am sure while signing in to some of the mobile cellphone programs, activities, web programs, and sites, you sign-in using Look for engines consideration and click on “Allow” to let it use your details. Well, this contains a record of all the programs that connect to your Search engines consideration along with the date when you were authorized and more details.

  3. Locate your Mobilephone

    Misplaced your phone? No worries! You can bend the system as long as it’s linked to the internet. And in case you’ve dropped it, you can check the unit’s location and even eliminate the device content.

  1. Recently used Devices

    This is where you can view all the gadgets linked with your Search engines consideration. If you see anything dubious, just eliminate accessibility for that system and protected your money.

  2. Takeout Data

    As suggested by its name, you can take out (download) all or chosen data for solutions like Hangouts, Contacts, and YouTube. An archive is made which you can either email yourself or add to your dropbox.

  3. Google Dashboard

    This is where all your private details depending on your queries is stored. It helps you handle solutions like Google mail, Android operating system, Schedule, Place Record, Images, Favorites and YouTube. If you want to change your security password or have some old photos, this is where you go.

  4. Control your Google ads

    Ever considered if you can control the ads that appear on your display when you’re browsing the net? Yes, you can because Google makes your ad profile depending on what it knows about you from your web action, the ads that you’ve formerly frequented and your Google+ information. So now you can handle your details accordingly to get appropriate ads.

  5. Youtube Search and watch history

    Can’t remember the name of that music you observed last month? Can’t keep in mind the name of that stand-up comic whose movie was incredibly funny? Well, all the video clips you’ve ever viewed on YouTube while being signed into your money will be indexed by Watch Record. All your YouTube queries will be indexed by the Look for Record. Look for engines uses this search history to show you appropriate ads and give you better movie recommendations.The history can be removed entirely, item-by-item or can also be stopped.

  6. Save Passwords

    Remember the dialog box at the top right area of your display, asking you to ‘save password’ every time you login to various sites with Chrome? Well, if you’ve ever frequented it, Search engines shops your stored security passwords and this is where you can look for the record of all the security passwords. 

Thus our CRB Tech reviews over here come to an end.

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