7 Real Life Accidents Which Proves That The Pokemon Go Drives Individuals Freaking Insane

CRB Tech Reviews came across 7 real life accidents which subjected to happen while playing Pokemon Go.

After Angry Birds, Candy Crush Saga and Subway Surfer, we truly never assumed that there can be any other game that would make people go this insane. However, we have been demonstrated off-base. The new prevailing trend around the local area is Pokémon Go, another continuous cell phone application diversion that empowers the player to wind up a Pokémon coach, where they can get Pikachu, Charrizard, Squirtle and different Pokemons, in actuality, circumstances.

Our adoration for Pokémon began route back when we used to watch the show on cartoon network and has now turned into an insane fixation. The diversion, which was dispatched towards the beginning of July, has officially crossed more than a million downloads and the number continues expanding each day. Be it at work, out on the town, at home, out and about or even while driving, individuals are playing this diversion anyplace and all over.


Clearly, similar to each other fixation, this one too has brought about some truly peculiar encounters –

1. A man was revealed dumping by his better half, all because of Pokémon Go 

While playing his Pokemon Go application, Evan Scribner’s better half found that he got a Pokémon at his ex’s home, all on account of the way that the diversion utilizes your geo-area elements to discover the adjacent Pokémons. She said a final farewell to him instantly!

2. Young lady finds a dead body while playing Pokémon Go 

Unpleasant, isn’t that so? However, that is valid. Shayla Wiggins, a 19-year-old young lady, was strolling and playing Pokémon Go in Wyoming when she unearthed a dead body while getting a Pokémon in a stream. “I was attempting to get a Pokemon from a characteristic water asset,” she said. “I was strolling towards the scaffold along the shore when I saw something in the water … I needed to investigate and I understood it was a body.”

3. Individual discovers Pokemon on a coffin at a funerial

The amusement is truly getting the opportunity to individuals’ heads, to such an extent that they are playing it all over paying little respect to the event. One such honorable man found a Pokemon on a coffin at a funeral, however, it is obscure whether he got it or not.  Hope he haven’t!

4. Man plays Pokemon Go while his pregnant spouse goes in labor 

Yes, that happened. His better half was shouting a direct result of work agonies and he was calmly playing this game. He even found a Pokemon on his better half’s healing center bed. At the point when the spouse acknowledged what he’s doing, she simply moved her eyes around and smiled. In any case, that doesn’t imply that your accomplice will do likewise! So be careful.

5. Man finds a Diglett in an hotel room just minutes before having intercourse with his sweetheart! 

So while his better half is in the washroom, cleaning her cosmetics and getting prepared for bed, this man spends some time playing Pokemon Go and he finds a Diglett at the ablest area considering he was going to get laid that night. Indeed, even Pokemon Go thought about how fortunate he’s going to get!

6. Man causes a noteworthy expressway accident  after he halted his auto in the middle of the street to get Pikachu 

We mean it when we say that individuals are heading off to all lengths for this game. Also, this demonstrates it! Lamar Hickson was attempting to discover a Pokemon while driving on an expressway in Massachusetts when he got fortunate and discovered Pikachu directly before him. So he halted the auto right amidst a bustling parkway without the slightest hesitation and followed Pikachu. The outcome was truly hilarious!

7. Pokemon Go porn is the new prevailing trend 

A Leading Porn site has reported that in the previous week the top hunts on their site have been ‘Pokemon’, “Pikachu” and ‘Anime’, which just means one thing, that men are searching for some under the spread Pokemon activity. What’s more, clearly, pics of Digletts growing up at ridiculous spots have been doing the rounds also.

This game is truly driving individuals hell insane. All we can do is to just wait and watch upcoming consequences!

Well, we’ll be right back with another trending story.

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