7 Facts Of MarketPlace : Facebook Introducing New Way To Buy & Sell Things Online

CRB Tech reviews is glad to inform you that there is a new entrant in the e-commerce world. Guess who it is? Don’t know? It is social media giant Facebook Inc. this time round and with the launch of marketplace Facebook app. We will see some of the facts related to this.


  1. Marketplace is nothing but an online store where you can buy and sell goods with people around you. In simple terms, just like our OLX. Around 450 million people are said to already use Facebook for sell and purchase of goods. Now, it will be a dedicated place.

  1. If one wants to sell a product using marketplace, he/she will have to upload its photo first. Mention details like price, description and location.

  1. Currently or as of now, Facebook is going to target just the smartphone world. Marketplace Facebook desktop, is not on the agenda this time round. Based on the response, may be they would venture into the desktop arena.

  1. The new feature will be launched off in the United States, UK, Australia and New Zealand for iPhone and Android clients throughout the following few days, the organization said in a blog entry, including that the component will be accessible on the desktop variant in the coming months. That means there will be a marketplace Facebook android and a marketplace Facebook iphone presently.

  1. The organization does not anticipate charging an expense to trade, which gives it an edge over those rivals in the same business. Rather, Facebook picks up what it has dependably been most ravenous for: users’ valuable eyeballs and a greater amount of their time every single day.

  1. With the acquaintance of a user with user trade comes some essential worries about protection and security. Obviously, Facebook does not excuse exchanges of unlawful things like drugs or explosives. It additionally bans the sale and purchase of guns, animals, and liquor, in addition to other things. These standards apply with Marketplace too. However as far as security and money related security, Facebook does not have the same sorts of insurances or sureties as, say, eBay. All deals are taken care of off-line and by clients themselves.

  1. The symbol for Marketplace ought to throughout the following few days supplant the Messenger symbol in the focal point of the bottom line on Facebook’s mobile application. Tapping it takes you to an algorithmically produced landing page of things Facebook accepts you’d be keen on.

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