11 Features of Android 7.0 Nougat

All mobile lovers, hold your breath as CRB Tech reviews is going to tell you about the 11 newest features in Android 7.0 Nougat.
Don’t you wish to know them and boast about in friends? If the answer is yes, then please continue to read.

1. Multi-tasking becomes easy:

One can now double tap the recent applications button to rapidly switch between your two most as of late utilized applications. For instance, say you’re in Gmail yet need to turn something upward in Chrome to incorporate into an email. You can open Chrome, find and copy a link, then double tap the newest applications button and your gadget will change back to Gmail.

2. Perform drag-drop function in multi-window mode:

At the point when utilizing two applications in the meantime, you can drag-drop content between the two windows. Highlight the content, then long-press on it until the content starts to float. Drag it to a text field in another window, and drop. The same goes for sharing pictures between two applications, accepting they’ve been overhauled for the most recent of Google‘s products. Otherworldly, isn’t that so?

3. Lock screen now has it’s personal wallpaper:

It just took far an excessive number of years, yet the day has at last come: You can now set a wallpaper particular to your home screen, and an alternate one for your lock screen. The procedure to finish the once unfathomable accomplishment hasn’t changed much—subsequent to selecting a picture to set as a backdrop, you’re demonstrated another brief to choose where the picture will live.

4. Clear list of recent apps:

Google added a Clear All catch to the recently opened applications list, just it’s somewhat covered up. Rather than setting it at the base of your screen when seeing your recent applications, you have to look to the highest priority on the rundown where you’ll locate the convenient Clear All text. Tap on it, and all applications are closed. When you’ve shut all your recent applications, another symbol is shown telling you there are no recent items.

5. Animation during installation:

Talking about installing applications outside of the Play Store, you’ll locate an extravagant new installer liveliness while sideloading an APK. It’s an unobtrusive change that won’t dramatically affect your everyday use, except it’s not an awful looking change either. Who doesn’t care for seeing the Android bot at whatever point conceivable?

6. Speedy reply:

You can now answer to messages from applications like Facebook Messenger, Hangouts, or Messenger specifically from the notification. Obviously, this implies you can hold a discussion without bouncing between an informing application and another application. It’s vital to note, this isn’t constrained to message applications. Twitter applications, for instance, could add the capacity to answer to mentions.

7. Data conserver:

Tired of paying for data overages? At the point when utilizing an Android Nougat gadget, you can empower Data Saver to limit particular applications from utilizing data in the background. Under the Data Usage menu, open Data Saver and turn it on. You can then experience a rundown of applications introduced on your device, and empower foundation information for every one you need. Something else, applications will just access cellular data when you’re effectively utilizing it.

8. Newer emoticons:

Android Nougat incorporates the most recent and most prominent Emoji affirmed by the powers that be, including bacon! Past the most recent and most noteworthy emoji prepared right into Android, you’ll additionally see Google has revamped the vast majority of the emoji included on its cell phones. Smiley confronts now have a more human look and feel to them.

9. Cancel button for downloading apps:

Ever begin to redesign or download applications from the Play Store, just to recall that you’re on a phone association or your battery is going to bite the dust? You can now cancel out downloads specifically from the download notification, rather than tapping through every thing in the Play Store. Slide down the notification, tap cancel and your data bucket is protected.

10. Help for keyboard shortcut:

Utilizing a physical keyboard with a tablet like the Pixel C includes a level of accommodation and mobile computing feel to the tablet. Be that as it may, learning and recollecting each applications’ keyboard shortcuts can be an errand. With Nougat, you can press Search +/to see a rundown of shortcuts for the application you’re as of now utilizing.

11. Quick Setting options:

You can now add various Quick Setting options to your gadget by looking at your Quick Settings panel and tapping Edit. You can in any case tap on tiles to alter a setting or associate with it. Then again, you can even now long-press on a tile to impair or empower a feature if applicable. Third party developers now make applications that live just inside a Quick Settings tile.
This was a look at a few of the new features introduced in the latest android O.S., from CRB Tech reviews. Hope you liked it! 

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