Shirish Kunder s forth most Short Film – Kriti

CRB Tech Reviews brings a trending Hindi short movie by Shirish Kunder. The movie has already released and stars ‘Manoj Bajpayee‘, ‘Radhika Apte‘ and ‘ Neha Sharma‘.
This is probably another short movie of Radhika Apte as she previously appeared in Ahalya, and is a flawless actor undoubtedly! The performing actress is well-known for her hot roles in ‘Hunterr’, ‘Badlapur’ whereas this would be the only short film of ‘Manoj Bajpayee’.
Producer – Director Shirish Kunder has recently released his debut short film namely – ‘Kriti” which exclusively casts Star ‘Manoj Bajpayee’ and ‘Radhika Apte’ as lead roles and ‘Neha Sharma’ in a short role, in the film. The short film is already published on youtube and cherished by viewers as well.
The psychopathic-film will surely make yourself stuck to seats till the end of the movie. The epic thriller leaves a solid impact at the forefront of numerous thoughts!
The short film begins with the scene of Sapan, played by Manoj Bajpayee, sitting with his Psychiatrist and child companion, Kalpana – played by the performing artist ‘Radhika Apte‘. The first seems complicated that no one can imagine what exactly is going on. Sapan is seemed to have a conversation with Kalpana about his new  friend – ‘Kriti’ – played by (Neha Sharma).
He tells her how they “clicked” and she’s moved in with him. Dr. Kalpana requests him to demonstrate a photograph from her or whatever another route by which she could see her. Manoj Bajpayee advises her that Kriti experiences Agoraphobia, the trepidation of venturing out of the house and of individuals, because of which she stays in the home just and is not even on social networking sites due to fear from people.
Kalpana expects this is likewise Sapan’s nonexistent imagination, as a comparable thing had happened before wherein he had informed her regarding a young lady Rachana, who was just a fabrication of his creative energy. Sapan is stated as a psychopath in the entire film. He has a disease of creating his imaginary characters who never existed in actual.

How things pursue this acquires the defining moment of this short motion picture. A few scenes do send chills down the spine. How the motion picture unfurls keeps you fascinated for the whole 19-minute span of the film.
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