‘Sachin: A Billion Dreams’ Movie Review As Sachin Starts Innings On Big Screen

CRB Tech reviews takes a look into Sachin’s debut innings on the silver screen. We mean to say, the movie review of ‘Sachin: A Billion Dreams’.


Interpreting the Master Blaster, and his career of 25 years, needs skill. Director James Erskine makes a fine job. In a clear portrayal, Tendulkar’s voice overwhelms the story as Erskine catches the country’s craze for cricket, and this cricketer. How a man, with passion and diligent work, turned into each middle class Indian’s desire is suitably portrayed.

Interestingly, the filmmaker likewise puts the focus on the disputable events related with the cricketer’s life, incorporating his tumultuous relation with Mohammad Azharuddin; his unceremonious end as skipper of the team India in 1997, and his quite examined discomfort under ex Australian cricketer Greg Chappell’s coaching tenure.


Erskine portrays Tendulkar, tenderly uncovering his mind through the downfalls in his life, communicating his excitement when the time was great, and how the cricketer looked for comfort in music, vada pav and the almighty. His team colleagues assume solid supporting parts as the film ends with the groundbreaking 2011 World Cup win, and his post retirement speech. What you’ll watch in theaters is not simply one more film. It’s India’s greatest success story overcoming adversity, that of a wavy haired kid vanquishing the country’s heart.

You’ll watch this one with a grin all over, once in a while shedding a tear. Each hallmark of the idol’s life is gently revealed on screen. His lesser-known romantic tale, which in the long run prompted marriage with Anjali Mehta, is an appreciated revelation. Mrs Tendulkar’s admission that she needed to inform the cricketer’s parents regarding their longing to get married, on the grounds that Tendulkar was excessively shy to do the needful, had fans love it.

While there are a lot of these moments for a cricket lover to savor, even a non-cricket fan will have such a great amount to take home from this film.


Be it this legend’s middle class values or upbringing or getting a look at his adolescence, understanding the diligent work that went into his profession, his interactions with his decades old Sahitya-Sahawas pals, everything.

Hearing Sachin’s mom and family describe what it felt to have a naughty child – THE Sachin Tendulkar in the house conveys a sweet grin to your face.

The recording from his wedding is cute to watch. What’s more, to get a look into the father that he is, will just make your day.

CRB Tech reviews wishes the movie all the success. After all, our very own master blaster has given us so much joy all through his career!!!

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