Rustom Movie Review: Does It Live Up To The Expectations?

CRB Tech reviews provide you with the review of the latest release “Rustom” Akshay kumar starer . Long weekend started, you would be planning to watch the film.
Taking into account a true incident that happened in 1959 in Bombay, “Rustom” is a fictionalized crime dramatization that spreads out the story of a patriot Naval Commander Rustom Pavri, who murders his wife Cynthia’s lover Vikram Makhija, in the wake of discovering their relationship. 
The debate, whether the killing was a planned murder or a demonstration of self-defense, forms the base of this two and half hour long film. 
Humor in the film is infused in the dialogues in the court scenes and offers a little measure of relief in a generally dreary account. 
Director Tinu Suresh Desai figures out how to transport his gathering of people to that period in Bombay, by reproducing the time with the right indication of sepia tones, coiffured hair, high abdomen pants, though a bit too artificially.  
Being an often heard story as the K.M. Nanavati case versus State of Maharashtra, script writer Vipul Rawal offers nothing that is not accessible on people in general. The film hence does not have an oddity component. The sub-plot, which is presented powerfully, to give an energetic inclination to Rustom’s character and legitimize his activity, is unsurprising and trite.
The second half begins with a scene in the court and in spite of the fact that there are a couple of minor bends, these don’t figure out how to immerse you a lot of or make you sit at the edge of your seat. The film could have been shocking and exciting, yet that open door is unfortunately left unexploited. The scene where the jury ponders over the outcome of the case is crudely taken care of and looks to a great degree shabby.
Akshay Kumar slips into the shoes of Rustom Pavri with sincere conviction. He is every last bit the devoted Naval Commander and a man who is enthusiastically infatuated with his better half. With his deliberate discourse, quirks and a noble levelheadedness, he nails it in the court scenes. 
Ileana D’cruz as Cynthia Pavri, is capable and figures out how to look the character as well. She is loaded with regret and feels remorseful about her snippet of shortcoming and capably depicts that.
Arjan Bawa as the manipulative and ostentatious Sindhi businessman, Vikram Makhija, plays his part convincingly. Esha Gupta as Preeti Makhija, Prem Makhija’s sister, adds nothing to her character aside from her consistent mope with her red lips and the swagger of a rich, spoilt egotist.
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