10 Unknown Facts About Rajinikanth’s ‘Kabali’

CRB Tech Reviews write about 10 fascinating facts about Kabali
The all suspense is over! Rajinikanth fans worldwide  are rushing to the theaters to catch ‘Kabali’. It seems to be nothing lesser than  a festival. But if you are not under the ‘Kabali’ fever yet, then maybe these cool facts will help you:


(1) ‘Neruppu Da’ was scripted in 20 minutes

The fiery, catchy song ‘Neruppu Da’ became a rage across the country. But the amazing fact is that the lyrics was written in 20 minutes flat by Arunraja Kamaraj.


(2) Only Rajinikanth album without SP Balasubramanian 

Ever since the movie ‘Pandian’ released in 1992, ace singer SP Balasubramanian has always sang a number for a Rajinikanth movie. So ‘Kabali’ is the first Thalaivar film in 24 years which doesn’t include the singer at all.


(3) Rajinikanth teamed with a new one after two decades

In almost every film, Rajinikanth worked with established people in the industry; be it
directors, music composers, cinematographers, actors and even crew. But ‘Kabali’ has broken all these records as the director, music composer, cast and also crew is somewhat new and inexperienced. ‘Kabali’ is set new trends.

(4) The movie could have been a sci-fi supernatural film 

Initially, director Pa Ranjith approached Rajinikanth and his daughter with two scripts. One is the gangster flick we all know and the other was a sci-fi supernatural drama. The Superstar selected the former; otherwise ‘Kabali’ might have been a very different film today.


(5) Kabali’ came into existence thanks to Soundarya Rajinikanth

The Superstar’s daughter, Soundarya approached filmmaker Pa Ranjith after Rajinikanth praised his last film ‘Madras’. To mention Ranjith was super excited and scared to work with the Superstar in just his third movie.
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(6) Based on a real-life don 

Ever since the shooting of the film began, people have been wondering whether Kabali’s tale was inspired from a real person. Apparently, the Rajinikanth starrer is loosely based on the life a gangster called Kabaleeshwaran who hails from Mylapore in Chennai.

(7) Rajinikanth will enter only after the first fifteen minutes 

This might make it very dhocking for Thalaivar fans, as the veteran actor will enter the screen only after the first fifteen minutes of the film. This makes it the second Rajini film where his character is introduced late. The first was the 1991 film ‘Thalapathi’ which also starred Mammootty in an important role.

(8) First Indian film to release in Malay 

Major part of the film being shot in Malaysia, the makers of ‘Kabali’ decided to release the movie in Malay, making it the first Indian film to do so. The Pa Ranjith film is also being released in Japanese and Chinese versions.


(9) There are no trailers!

The movie has had no trailer! After the initial teaser that came out on May 1, fans were waiting for an official trailer at least after the audio launch. The makers wanted to maintain some mystery.


(10) No usual Rajinikanth clichés and mannerisms

With no punch dialogues and no typical Superstar style statements; ‘Kabali’ is all about Rajinikanth the actor. The director has already ensured that the actor’s larger-than-life image doesn’t overshadow the actual story. This movie promises to remind us of Rajinikanth before he became a star.
Hope you liked it!
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