Wipro Removes 600 employees after appraisal

CRB Tech reviews over here shares about Wipro employees sacked out.


The country’s third biggest software services firm Wipro is learned to have shot thousands of workers as part of its yearly “performance appraisal”.

According to resources, Wipro has shown the door to about 600 workers, while rumours was filled that the number could go as high as 2,000.

At the end of Dec 2016, the Bengaluru-based organization had over 1.79 lakh workers. When approached, Wipro said it performs a “rigorous efficiency assessment process” on consistently to arrange its employees with business goals, ideal main concerns of the organization, and customer requirements.

“The efficiency assessment may also lead to the separating of some workers from the organization and these figures differ from year upon year,” it added.

The organization, however, did not discuss the quantity of workers that have been requested to leave. Wipro said its extensive efficiency assessment process contains guidance, re-training and upskilling of workers. The organization is planned to report its 4th quarter and full-year figures on Apr 25.


The development comes at a time when Indian IT organizations are experiencing an unclear environment given the reduces being suggested on employee charge standards by various nations like the US, Singapore, Sydney and New Zealand. These organizations use short-term work visas to send workers to work on customer sites.

With charge programs in these nations becoming more extensive, Indian IT organizations are likely to face difficulties in activity of labor as well as a raise in functional costs.

Indian IT organizations get over 60 percent of their earnings from the North American market, about 20 percent from European countries and the rest of the from other financial systems.

Besides, higher adopting of technologies like automated and artificial intelligence is also reducing the need to have a large amount of workers at customer site.

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