Watch Video! Crazy Things Done By Girls When All Alone

What can you imagine as far as girls acts are concerned while they are all alone at home or in hostel room? How far can you go? OK! we will not leave anything to your imagination. CRB Tech reviews presents before you a video depicting what crazy things can girls do when they are all by themselves. Check out this funny and interesting video and get entertained.

The video starts with a shocking act that this protagonist is doing. Sleeping on the bed she keeps her two hands on her two assets and talks to her saying that which is bigger and which is smaller. Then the actual video starts with the tag-line “Things Girls Do When They Are Alone”. Now the funny acts start one by one.
In the first part, the girl is seen looking in the mirror, and trying out various hairstyles. Then it is probably selfie time for the girl. She tries one sitting on the sofa, then one on the bed and so on. On the window ledge too! With a pout and without a pout. Probably she is bored with the selfie now.
Now she has decided to fake a baby bump. She cushions her tummy to show a baby bump and plays with it watching in the mirror. Then she enters the kitchen and again starts to take selfies. Enacts as if she has dark circles and pimples all over her face. Gets worried over her eyebrows. 
Later she starts to sing songs. Right from an English number to the famous “Gutur Gutur”, and then the number from “Dil Toh Pagal Hain”. Her voice is quite good and has the potential to become a playback singer. Then she suddenly feels happy about a selfie taken by her and says “now that’s what I call a selfie”. Posts the selfie on the social media with various hash-tags to it. After that she plays the game of loves me and loves me not using the switch buttons. May be she seems to have a boyfriend. Goes on for quite a while.
At the end of the video, she is seen with an award resembling bottle in her hand. Gives (enacts) a sentimental speech thanking her mother, father and all the viewers for the award. Faking the speech given by stars when they receive a film award for a stellar performance.
Good act and performance young lady! Keep it up!
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