Watch Shocking Reactions of Crowd After Girl Is Abused In Public

Watch Shocking Reactions of Crowd After Girl Is Abused In Public
This video can turn out to be an inspiration for all those who just watch while women are being abused in full public view. Many a times we see females being teased or tortured not only in private but in front of people as well. Most of the times we choose to just look and do nothing.

In this video two cases of women abuse are seen. The incidences have been dramatized by two couples who are seen playing their part at two different locations in the city. The guy is giving bad words to the girl right from the start of the video. They act out an argument over some petty issue.
The heated conversation goes on for about 5 minutes and finally the guys in both the cases slap their so called girlfriend. In other words, they physically abuse the girls. When this happens, what do you feel the people around will react? As expected, they just turn into onlookers and nothing more.
They do not intervene in between and just pass by or watch at them and laugh. 25th November each year is celebrated as International day for the elimination of “violence against women”. The incident moves further and the girl in both the cases gives an apt reply. Guess what they do?
In return they slap the guy. Obliviously, he does not expect the same.
After watching the girl hit the guy, people start to gather and intervene in between the arguing couple. They become keen to know as to what is going on. They stop the abuse happening against the respective lady. The situation would not have aggravated to this extent had the people intervened right at the start. All of us need to become aware and stop such things from happening in front of the eyes.
Violence against ladies is a result of victimization of ladies, in law furthermore practically speaking, and of holding on disparities amongst men and ladies. Around the world, more than 700 million women alive today were hitched as youngsters, 250 million of whom were hitched before the age of 15. Young ladies who wed before the age of 18 are more averse to finish their education and more prone to violence behavior against them at home and complexities in pregnancy.
A very sad statistic, but unfortunately true in our country as well.  

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