Top 5 Bollywood Films that Turned Out To Be Most Controversial

We as a whole are blameworthy of having whined that the film we were viewing was only a slight bit a lot for our senses. While most “hazardous” movie are controlled and conditioned down to suit group of onlookers sensibilities, a few films are thought to be controversial to the point that they get involved in the endless cycle of dissents and bans. Here is a rundown of some movies in Bollywood that turned out to be excessively dubious and consequently confronted a considerable measure of backfire.
1. Garam Hawa:
This 1973 motion picture featuring Balraj Sahni in a lead part was banned for more than 8 months because of a paranoid fear of impelling collective mobs in an effectively unstable circumstance. The subject of the motion picture was exceptionally delicate and took after the lives of a Muslim family amid the misery of the Partition of India.
2. Ram Teri Ganga Maili:
This Bollywood motion picture with its notable music and scenes, was additionally a fairly dubious film. The motion picture featuring Mandakini and Rajiv Kapoor had scenes which were viewed as unseemly for the group of onlookers around then. The actress had her “assets” blazing in a portion of the scenes which was considered as exceedingly improper.
3. Black Friday:
This motion picture is based on the Mumbai bomb-blasts of 1993. The decision for that case was all the while doing the rounds of the court and it was said that the film would impact the choice, which is the reason the motion picture was banned for a long time.
4. The Dirty Picture:
This movie featuring Vidya Balan is based on Silk Smitha’s life and was gotten significantly by the gathering of people yet it got into a considerable measure of debates. The blurbs of the motion picture were the primary reason – they were thought to be excessively sexual. The second reason was the protest by Silk Smitha’s siblings. They were vexed about the way she was depicted in the film and they even sent notification to the creators of the motion picture.
5. Nishabd:
Starring the late Jiah Khan and Bollywood’s irate, young man, Amitabh Bachchan this film was involved in contention all through. The Bollywood adaptation of “Lolita” was regarded to be very improper for viewers and in addition was termed to be “against Indian values” as indicated by Congress party individuals in Uttar Pradesh. There were significant dissents in Allahabad over the film and it brought about a tremendous furore even in other parts of the nation.

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