Surprising Pranks in Train: Passenger Reactions Are Worth Watching !

Surprising Pranks in Train: Passenger Reactions Are Worth Watching !
Many a times one comes across awkward situations in public places. There is no logic as to how do they happen; but they do occur. It makes us feel embarrassed many a times. Here is a video that shows some pranks played by these youngsters in the metro rail in front of the passengers. The passengers are amused to see these youngsters and their acts. Sit back and enjoy the video.
The passengers in the train are not at all aware that they are being pranked. The train comes to a halt at this particular station, and a guy enters it applying shaving cream on the face. He is dressed in a black suit. People are just amused to see him. He does not stop at this, and applies the cream on his entire face. His co-passengers are just unable to understand as to what is going on around them.
Yet another prankster comes dancing into the bogie, does a twist at the holding pole and then just bangs himself against the door and falls to the floor. It is funny to watch the guy. The third guy amongst the prankster group removes a bed sheet from his sack and just lays down on the ground and pulling over the sheet. People just start wondering as to what has happened to him. The peep down from their seats.
Another guy fakes that he is sleeping. He is sitting besides a fat man. After a few seconds, he starts snoring and gradually increases his volume. The fat man goes mad and wakes him up as the guy starts to rest his head on the man’s shoulders.
Then comes the prank where this guy falls down on the ground suddenly. Two three of the co-passengers come to lift him as the purpose of the prank is served. A guy wearing shorts below and a three piece suit would definitely make you feel awkward. Same is the case in this video where our protagonist is dressed similarly.
Some passenger reactions are captured and they are seen laughing and saying that whatever is going on seems to be “crazy”. This guy boarded the train wearing a towel and brushing his teeth. One could remember actor Govinda doing something like this in one of his films.
The most awkward prank can be said to be that one where this guy is moaning loudly in the train!    

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