SRK Gets At His Candid Best On AIB Podcast !

CRB Tech reviews takes you through the latest AIB podcast, that featured none other than Shah Rukh Khan. That too at his candid best! So, sit back and enjoy as you read.

SRK Gets At His Candid Best On AIB Podcast !

Precisely 2 years after the highly celebrated yet notorious AIB Roast, All India Bakchod have accomplished something which even the best journos in the nation couldn’t do!

SRK and AIB got together to do a podcast and fans were pondering what’s left that we are not aware about King Khan! The video begins with Tanmay and Rohan Joshi talking about their humiliating minutes with Shah Rukh Khan from the days when they both used to script Filmfare Awards. Tanmay and Rohan admitted that SRK (who is prominent for being not all that prompt) touched base at 12:30 am midnight for a 7:30 pm meeting.

Part – I 


Well, here are a few highlights from the SRK interview:

His views on the recent SLB attack:

SRK, who continually talked in mockery amid this amusing meeting, had a minute when he said that individuals whom he cherishes, he ensures he converses with them in person or visits them to bolster them in tough circumstances. He didn’t talk on Twitter about it on the grounds that being physically present close to SLB was more essential to him.

On controversies related to him:

“Sahab ke naam se 100 retweets hain!” is the thing that he hears when he arbitrarily gets up each morning to understand that he’s been dragged into a controversy where he actually hasn’t even talked.

Truth behind him performing at weddings:

SRK once met some of his companions in the morning at a wedding and they were going for a morning run. Some of them had “juicy” written on their butts and they were wearing all bright hues. He had a dig at them and disclosed to them they looked fab. The same individuals came wearing Tuxedoes at night and Shahrukh made a joke on them in front of an audience saying they looked stunning in the morning, to which they disapproved and he later needed to apologize. So, dancing at weddings isn’t that amusing all things considered.

To people who hate him!

“Anyone says anything about me, wrong, right, good, bad, ugly, I’m just going to go to their house. At the end of it all, it’s all about the selfie.” He additionally included that individuals let him leave with the greatest of fiascoes after posing for a selfie.

Part – II

SRK truly hopes to doing a production with AIB in view of weddings,which he wishes to pen down himself, and he likewise attacked Filmfare for not giving him an award this year! Every one of his sentences were wry and he didn’t spare an individual during this interview!

CRB Tech reviews recommends that you take a look at the video of this candid SRK interview.

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