Shocking Video! Isabella Katrina Sister Involved In MMS Scandal

Privacy is a thing which is not applicable to the world of glamour. All thanks to the smartphones and other such tech devices. Owing to this, celebrity lives have become an open book for all of us.

Real or fake, one really does not know these days. Some MMS videos are morphed, while others are real. Katrina Kaif’s sister Isabella has become the victim of such a MMS scandal. Let’s check out as to what happened with her that defamed this beauty.

Isabella Kaif is yet to make a debut in Bollywood. It is being said that Katrina is leaving no stone unturned for her sister’s grand debut. Meanwhile, in a shocking incident, she was seen making out with an unidentified man in front of the camera. The video as expected, went viral over the web media.
Sister Katrina Kaif had to come to the rescue and so she did by saying that the video was a fake one. Now, one hopes that the debutant’s image is restored and she makes a debut in Hindi films. We wish her all the best for her career.
Two years ago, Isabella made her highly discussed film debut with the Canadian film, Dr Cabbie, a Salman Khan production film. Be that as it may, following the time when, actress Katrina Kaif‘s more youthful sister Isabelle Kaif lacks any movies. Buzz in the business is that Isabelle needs to investigate opportunities in Bollywood now.   

Apparently, after the debacle of her international film, she is keen to try her luck in the Hindi film industry and she’s turned to Katrina for help. “She has already had a word with Katrina about it and Kat would be more than happy to help her little sister,” says a source. 
Around two-three years back, talks were overflowing that Katrina would become producer to launch Isabelle in Bollywood, yet that didn’t happen. Later came stories about how Kat has looked for assistance from companions like Salman Khan and Karan Johar with respect to the dispatch of her sister. Notwithstanding, nothing of that sort happened and Kat went ahead to deny it all. Interestingly, Isabelle took an acting course at Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute of New York, the same foundation where Kat’s beau, Ranbir Kapoor, prepared as well.
Katrina herself has carved a huge niche in the industry with many hit films to her credit. She has never looked back.

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